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Chapter 181 The Two Prettiest Ladies

  • Upon hearing the voice, Bai An Xiang instantly ran back to the room like a scared little rabbit, then locked the door in a ruffled fashion.
  • Li Nan Di showed up at her door and was flustered by Bai An Xiang's actions.
  • "Don't worry, we're the same."
  • After a short pause, Li Nan Di laughed ironically, "I'm just like you, I was abducted here for no reason too."
  • "I came here two hours earlier than you, so I've familiarized myself with the surrounding here. There're three bedrooms and two common areas in the house, not exactly sure of the location here and the door and windows have been sealed, we can't get out of here but this house is fully furnished."
  • "We have a fridge, washing machine, TV, basically everything we need apart from the internet, oh right, there're lots of vegetables and bread in the fridge."
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