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Chapter 45 Purchase One, Reserve Another  

  • “You…!” The stout woman was enraged, she pointed at Cheng Yuan and asked the attendant with heavy makeup, “Who the hell is he? What’s his attitude about? Are you going to do something about it?”
  • The attendant was helpless, as she was rebuked by Cheng Yuan earlier, she mirrored the woman’s glare of fury and scolded Cheng Yuan, “Yeah, who do you think you are? How dare you cause a scene in our showroom? Where’s security? Chase him out!”
  • In the attedant’s eyes, the stout woman and the bald man were the real deal, she only had to please both of them to secure the sales.
  • A 190-centimeter tall security guard showed up and asked curiously, “Who? Who’s the troublemaker here?”
  • The attendant pointed at Cheng Yuan casually.
  • Cheng Yuan quickly pointed at the guard, “I warn you, you may not match up to me.”
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