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Chapter 46 Is That Reasonable?

  • “But…” The attendant had dealt with numerous people before, she could not believe that she would make a mistake today, in disbelief she reiterated, “This one is the highest spec of the model, it’ll come to 900 thousand even after discount, you won’t be able to afford it.”
  • Apart from the attendant, the stout woman did not believe it too, she reckoned Cheng Yuan was just acting like the card was real, hence she mocked him, “Who would believe your tricks with the stupid card? What excuse do you have when the card does not go through later? You brought the wrong one?”
  • “Be a man and take the loss like a man, get out of here.”
  • The manager was reluctant too, after all, the card was black throughout and did not specify the name of a bank.
  • In fact, apart from Bai Long and Cheng Yuan, nobody else in the showroom had seen the card before.
  • Cheng Yuan did not respond to the jeerings coming from the attendant and the stout lady, he turned to the manager and said, “Swipe the card.”
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