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Chapter 139 The Infuriated Shen Zhuo

  • Bai Yong Ming was terrified at Cheng Yuan's murder-eyes, he subconsciously took a step back, then pointed Cheng Yuan fearfully, "What... Do you want to do? You want to play the same trick again? Or do you want to beat me again?"
  • Cheng Yuan rested Bai An Xiang on the couch, then took off his jacket and cautiously slid it under her head, then turned to Madam Liu, who was at a loss at the moment, "Madam Liu, we will not refund your rent, apologies for the short eviction notice."
  • "But don't worry, we have found you a place to stay, it's at Yue Liang Wan, a three-bedroom house, feel free to stay there until you decide to move away, there's no need to pay rent too."
  • "Also, I need you to take care of the woman in the house, I'll offer you the highest salary based on the market price."
  • "Speaking of which, we've always been looking to abandon this dilapidated house."
  • Cheng Yuan treated Bai Yong Ming like he was invisible, completely ignoring him and made him look like a clown.
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