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Chapter 33 An Xiang Begging Long Chen Yu

  • “What a coindence!” Cheng Yuan broke the silence, “Do you always come here for some life experience?”
  • The tall and stout policeman felt resented by the words, he retaliated with an apathetic expression, “What are you looking at? Turn around.”
  • Cheng Yuan locked eyes with Xiao Mu and smirked, “You’re already locked up like us, what’s that arrogant behavior?”
  • Xiao Mu added on, “Exactly, we’re now in the same spot, why should we listen to you?”
  • Both of them teamed up to provoke the policeman.
  • “I came in here as a policeman and will leave as a policeman, the worst that can happen is being demoted from my sergeant’s position, but that’s also temporary.” The policeman said with an apathetic expression, “While you guys… Hoho, you’ve crossed the wrong guys, still hoping to get out?”
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