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Chapter 137 Shi Ce's Purpose

  • While Cheng Yuan was unconscious, he was brought to a room and tossed onto a bed.
  • Shen Zhuo entered the room, when she saw Cheng Yuan on the bed, she smized at him with a smile, then made a call, "Come upstairs."
  • After hanging up the phone, Shen Zhuo tilted her head and stared at Cheng Yuan's face while curving her lips upward.
  • "What an interesting character."
  • "You're willing to stay in the Bai Family and be humiliated for a lady. Over the last two years in the Bai Family, they really took you as a piece of trash who never worked and achieved anything, but in reality, you hid it perfectly."
  • "At the same time, you'd rather give up the deal with the Shen Family for a personal assistant, despite involving a ten billion project, should I call you stupid or should I call you stupid?"
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