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Chapter 150 Sleepover

  • Bai An Xiang cannot be too agitated with her current condition. While Cheng Yuan was frightened by Mu Ru Zhen's high-pitched scream, the first thing he thought about was Bai An Xiang, so he did not hesitate before pulling Mu Ru Zhen toward him and covered her mouth.
  • Mu Ru Zhen was dumbfounded, her entire body was frozen and she was blanked out.
  • She was only wearing her underwear, with Cheng Yuan's arm around her...
  • "Don't scream!" Cheng Yuan said nervously.
  • Mu Ru Zhen reluctantly nodded.
  • Cheng Yuan suddenly realized that their current configuration was not appropriate, so after Mu Ru Zhen nodded, he quickly took a step back and turned around, "Sorry, sorry, I didn't see anything."
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