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Chapter 107 He Is My Husband

  • Anyone would be scared if they were put in a life or death situation.
  • However, Bai An Xiang's terror was overwhelmed by her touched feeling. While Mu Ru Zhen's astonishment had overshadowed her fear.
  • Because Cheng Yuan was running straight toward the kitchen, when the chefs were scrambling to flee the kitchen.
  • As for Cheng Yuan, he was certainly afraid, especially when he got to the kitchen and saw the six-feet fire blazing on the joint of the massive gas tanks, he almost lost his balance as he was petrified.
  • It looked like the gas tanks were going to explode any second now.
  • Cheng Yuan recalled one of the news articles he was reading earlier wrote about a fireman who carried a gas tank that was caught on fire to a safe place. He was regarded as the hero by the nation for his bravery.
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