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Chapter 99 That's My Brother

  • Long Chen Lang said that to test Xiao Mu, to observe his reaction toward Cheng Yuan.
  • Cheng Yuan had recovered from his fever, doctor said that it resulted from the wound infection, the wound he got from getting pierced on his belly.
  • Although his fever was getting better, he was still extremely feeble, he did not have strength at all. Cheng Yuan just rested on the bed until noon, Wang Zi Yan and some executives came by to visit Cheng Yuan, they also brought him some gifts.
  • One of them was Jin Jie.
  • Jin Jie knew Long Chen Lang since a long time ago. Long Chen Lang learned the news about Cheng Yuan's fever through Jin Jie, but Cheng Yuan was not aware of this.
  • "You may go, I'm alright, don't let me hold you from your tasks." Cheng Yuan said meekly.
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