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Chapter 207 You Are Different

  • "The young Chairman Cheng is something else."
  • "Nonsense, he's one of the Cheng Family from Jing City, of course he'd be impressive."
  • "Fair enough, sigh, this Mr. Long guy is too ignorant."
  • Upon hearing the judgmental voices, not only Long Chen Kang, even Meng Da Qian and his alluring girlfriend, who were ignored for the most part, put up a troubled expression. At this stage, they had the urge to bury their heads into the ground.
  • Cheng Yuan walked up to Long Chen Kang and stared at him, exhaled sharply, then smiled, "Long Chen Kang, don't blame me for not giving you a second chance, I'll let you go for now and disregard the six months of jailtime."
  • Long Chen Kang gazed at Cheng Yuan with the same spiteful eyes as Long Chen Lang before.
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