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Chapter 223 The Ignorant Provocation

  • "Then why don't you tell me, if I go with you, what can you charge them with?" Cheng Yuan asked.
  • Li Wei was left with no words.
  • Actually, everyone was clear that Cheng Yuan was only venting his frustrations by saying he lost the money. Without a single piece of evidence, what can they possible be charged with?
  • Seeing as Li Wei was speechless, Cheng Yuan turned to Bai An Xiang and said, "An Xiang, listen to me, don't dwell on the words earlier, really, you didn't have a choice."
  • "If you wanted to choose before your amnesia, I'll respect your decision, but not now."
  • "In this instance, you have no idea what happened in the past, you don't know how the people out there were scheming against you, you also don't know what we've been through."
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