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Chapter 43 Shut Up

  • The Jun Feng Group of Companies was the leading company of Xin Yang City, which meant the salary of the staff here, even for a security guard, was higher than the average in the city. Hence, the guard had to tolerate the jeerings coming from Wang Meng Chuan, with a blushed face and deep voice, “Sorry.”
  • “Sorry? You think a word can make up for your mistakes?” Wang Meng Chuan scoffed, “Let me tell you what, it is too late!”
  • “Sis, fire him, fire him right now.”
  • Wang Zi Yan had actually put up a grim expression since she got to the scene, with Wang Meng Chuan continuing to stir up troubles, she was about to speak up. However, Cheng Yuan suddenly stood out.
  • “Who do you think you are? Where did you get the authority to terminate our staff? Since when does Jun Feng take advice from an outsider?” Cheng Yuan stood in the way of the guard and asked Wang Meng Chuan calmly.
  • Wang Meng Chuan opened his eyes widely, “Sis, are you seeing this? The beggar had the guts to talk to me like that.”
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