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Chapter 228 Banquet

  • It was obvious that Song Yu was moved when Cheng Yuan mentioned Li Nan Di was doing decorations at the hotel.
  • He continued to check out Wang Zi Yan unscrupulously, while uttering something that was completely unrelated in response to Cheng Yuan, "Mr. Cheng, you're such a lucky man, surrounded by all of these beauties, it's like all of the fine ladies in Xin Yang City has been hired by you."
  • "Mr. Song, you're flattering me." Cheng Yuan smiled courteously and went along with him, "What about the banquet tonight..."
  • "Since Mr. Cheng has made your way here personally, surely I'm going to have to leave everything in the past, I have to show you my respects."
  • Although his words were decorous, while Song Yu was talking, he could not get his eyes off Wang Zi Yan. This made Wang Zi Yan feel uncomfortable.
  • "But..." Song Yu paused briefly, then continued, "I'm close friends with the owners of the other banks, if they find out that Mr. Cheng only invited me, I'm afraid they'd have something to say, what do you think?"
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