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Chapter 201 Long Chen Kang's Plan

  • It was clear to Cheng Yuan whose voice it was.
  • Long Chen Kang showed up in a sky blue shirt with stripes at the auction venue. He said that as he walked toward Cheng Yuan with a wink.
  • Cheng Yuan did not react to Long Chen Kang's sarcastic remark, he was not even bothered by Long Chen Kang. All he did was leaning toward Meng Zhou and whispered, "You'll regret your decision to work for him."
  • Meng Zhou let out a lifeless expression.
  • Seeing as Cheng Yuan disregarded him, Long Chen Kang was not mad at all, he turned his eyes to Li Nan Di and smiled, "Nan Di, long time no see."
  • "Mr. Long." Li Nan Di greeted Long Chen Kang with a smile.
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