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Chapter 78 Turn of Events

  • "Erm... Yes." Wang Zi Yan glanced at Cheng Yuan and responded awkwardly.
  • Mr. Jin burst into laughter, "Oh that's great, that's great."
  • Wang Zi Yan and Cheng Yuan glanced at each other in confusion, she asked, "Mr. Jin, you're asking this for...?"
  • Due to his short build, Mr. Jin had to tilt his head upward when talking to Wang Zi Yan. This, combined with his stout body made him look like a small robot.
  • Upon hearing Wang Zi Yan's question, Mr. Jin's smile instantly disappeared into an excruciating expression, "Sigh, don't even get me started, Cheng Yuan is absolutely outrageous."
  • Wang Zi Yan's lips flinched, she gazed at Cheng Yuan once again, but he was looking back at her with a smile.
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