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Chapter 61 Make Him Let Go

  • Following behind Cheng Yuan was Bai Long, an over 190-centimeter tall man.
  • Two of them walked up here casually, Cheng Yuan came with a grimace, giving Zhang Yu a dead glare. While Bai Long showed up in droopy eyes with a calm and collected attitude, as if he was not bothered by the people around him.
  • At this moment, the temperament that both of them emitted was as if they disdained everything that was happening, it shocked everyone on the scene.
  • The people made way for them respectively.
  • And Zhang Yu, who was holding Sun Fei Fei, was starting to be afraid, he shuffled backward, attempting to move behind Big Dog.
  • He was holding Sun Fei Fei's by her arm, trembling slightly. Sun Fei Fei could feel it, while she was also astonished by Cheng Yuan and Bai Long's temperament. She was jaw-dropped that she forgot to scream for help.
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