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Chapter 51 Borrow Your Husband for a Day

  • On the following morning, as soon as Cheng Yuan woke up, he regretted as if he missed out on a few hundred million.
  • Yue Liang Wan was a huge suburb, but to drive from his mother in law’s place to his home was at most in the matter of minutes. However, in the few minutes drive, he fell asleep like a dead log after the few drinks.
  • When he opened his eyes, he found Bai An Xiang’s grim little face.
  • “Hehe, good morning!” He greeted Bai An Xiang.
  • Bai An Xiang stared at him without saying a word.
  • Cheng Yuan felt a little uncomfortable and laughed, “I… had a little too much to drink last night.”
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