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Chapter 389 I Can’t Live Without Him

  • Lele hadn’t had much appetite lately. He didn’t want to eat anything, and he constantly cried.
  • This worried me and my mom to death. We asked him if there was anything wrong, and he replied that his mouth hurt. After I got him to open his mouth wide, I realized that his gums were already festering.
  • This wasn’t good for a child at all. I hurried to bring him to the hospital for a checkup, but the doctor only said that he had a vitamin C deficiency before prescribing a mountain of medication.
  • I brought the medicine home and got Lele to take it for two days, but his condition didn’t improve. In fact, it worsened. My heart was aching so much as I watched him that tears kept running down my face.
  • Lele was a thoughtful child. He was only three, yet he knew not to worry me. Every time we gave him food, he couldn’t eat it. It hurt him so much that he just cried. I thought that this couldn’t go on, so I discussed this with Tao Jin.
  • Tao Jin had been working himself to the bone with work lately. He would only come back deep into the night, dragging his tired body to bed. I knew just how much pressure he was under.
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