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Chapter 131 I’m at Fault

  • I did not want anything. I just wanted to leave you.
  • “Tang Xiao, can you please put yourself in my shoes? I have to stay with a person who doesn’t have any feeling for me. All I want is to settle down but you can’t give me that. Since you can’t give it to me, why do you keep pestering me? We’re all adults so why can’t we handle these problems in a mature way? You handle your company’s affairs so well but why can’t you improve our relationships?”
  • My heart was as tranquil as still water, while my legs stood rooted on the ground, trembling.
  • Like a devil, Tang Xiao looked down on me condescendingly with a murderous expression on.
  • “I can’t handle the problems well? So what about you? Weren’t you the one creating these problems all the time? Why can’t you stay with me anyway? I’ll always get what I want!”
  • Whatever! He would never lower his ego to talk to me nicely. If I stayed with him, the person who would be injured would always be me.
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