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Chapter 114 Let’s Hide

  • He Feng could probably guess that something had happened so he pulled the luggage and ran away with me as well.
  • As we were running halfway, I looked back and found that the big-bearded man and his gang had indeed seen us. He was making a call on the phone while chasing after us with three men in black beside him.
  • I turned my head and continued to run. He Feng became anxious and threw away the luggage directly. At once, both of our speed became faster.
  • At this time, a place with many people was the safest!
  • I glanced upstairs and yelled at He Feng, “Go to the second floor!”
  • He heard me and pulled my hand to run up the elevator. The entire process took less than ten seconds. As soon as the two of us went upstairs, we dived into the crowd but after burrowing for a while, I could not run anymore. However, they had already chased up to the second floor!
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