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Chapter 96 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • When she got inside, she did not treat Mrs. Sullivan immediately. Instead, the butler led her to the guest room on the second floor to rest. Mr. Brown’s demeanor was gentle. “Miss Olivia, you’ve had a long ride here. You must be tired. Rest for a while. Lunch is being prepared downstairs. The servants will invite you over to eat in a bit.” Olivia nodded and entered the guest room. Isaac sat on the sofa and waited for the butler to leave. His gaze landed on Olivia and gave her a probing look. “The Sullivan family has treated you like this, yet you still want to stay?” Yanis also felt unhappy and voiced his concern. He vigorously nodded. “Exactly, that’s right. Why did you stay, Miss Olivia? You shouldn’t have visited them.” Olivia sat beside Isaac and hugged his arm. Her expression was relaxed, and she looked like a spoiled young daughter. “Grandpa, what do you think we should do?” Only in front of Isaac would Olivia show this side of her. She leaned against Isaac gently. “It’s human nature to care about one’s interests. Mrs. Sullivan is nothing more than a human being.” She said, with a tone of sass in her voice, “Didn’t you teach me this? There’s no need to be upset about unimportant people.”
  • Isaac lowered his head and patted Olivia’s head dotingly. His expression was gentle, but his words were cold and indifferent. “I did teach you to be strong-willed and not be affected by external factors or upset with unimportant people. But I didn’t tell you to be soft-hearted and easily forgive those who offend you without giving any punishment!” Olivia looked up with surprise in her beautiful eyes. Isaac had always been a gentle and kind elder. He rarely got angry at people, even when he encountered some unreasonable patients or when patients attacked him. Instead, he would put himself in the patient’s shoes and think from the patient’s perspective. This was the first time Olivia had seen him angry. She was a little puzzled and blinked. “Grandpa, speaking of which, Mrs. Sullivan isn’t wrong. She just doesn’t like me.” Daniel’s mother was always very sophisticated but distant and cold, not an unkind woman. Why was Isaac so angry over such a small matter? Mrs. Sullivan’s actions were minor compared to those of those barbarians who had insulted her and even wanted to hit her. Isaac’s eyes were serious, and he still had that sage-like appearance. However, when he spoke, his tone was filled with deep coldness. “I can tolerate those people bullying me, but they can’t bully you, Olivia. Never!” His voice was filled with anger. Olivia was stunned at first. Then her heart was filled with warmth and softness. This was the feeling of being cared for.
  • This was the feeling of family. Her eyes were wet as she leaned into Isaac’s arms. Her voice was soft. “Grandpa.” It was amazing to know someone was around to back her up. Isaac looked at Olivia with grief. Olivia had suffered so much. He turned to Yanis and instructed softly, “Get Blake to come over. You and Blake must stay here and protect Olivia.” How would that work?‘ Olivia instantly sat up straight with disapproval written all over her face. Yanis was Isaac’s confidant. Yanis handled all matters in the Smith family. If she let Yanis stay by her side, wouldn’t that mean no one would be by Isaac’s side? What’s more… Olivia bit her lip as a hint of sadness flashed across her eyes. When they were away from home, Yanis represented Isaac and mobilized half of the Smith family’s assets. The Smith family assets were meant to be passed on to Jarron and Gillian. What would Jarron and Gillian think if Yanis stayed by her side? “Olivia.” Isaac tapped on Olivia’s forehead to stop her from rejecting his order. He made a decision immediately. “It’s settled. I still have the final say in the Smith family.” Olivia was silent for a moment before saying, “Grandpa, I know you care about me, but...” “No buts.”
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