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Chapter 318 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • When the Manson family was talking in the ward, they heard three polite knocks on the door. “Who can it be?” Jonny thought. He frowned. Just as he was about to speak, the door opened. A young woman entered. Her round face was very likable, but she had a cold expression. Then, two people who looked like bodyguards entered the ward. Jonny’s intuition told him that the other party did not come with good intentions. Just as he was about to call the bodyguards guarding outside to come in, he saw a slender and familiar figure approaching.
  • Olivia was there. Jonny shook his head, feeling a little stunned. After Olivia entered, the people behind her instantly closed the door to the ward. She walked to the couch opposite the bed and swept a glance at the room. For some reason, Victoria felt her heart skip a beat. Just a moment ago, she was still looking down on Olivia. Now that she had seen her in person, Victoria immediately became nervous. The feeling was inexplicable. I had the same instinct as when a prey came across the king of the beasts. It was a fear that was etched into the bones.
  • You… Victoria subconsciously jumped up and ran to Jonny’s side. He thought that Olivia was going to hit her. However, just as she moved, she saw Olivia sitting on the couch. Ictoria was dumbfounded. o… Just now, Olivia just wanted to sit down and not hit me?‘ she thought. Vhy, are you here? You even brought so many people. Where are the bodyguards outside the door?” From the moment he opened his mouth, Ny scolded her. “Did you attack them? How disrespectful. Before he could finish, Olivia blinked and raised her hand. “It’s too noisy.” One of the men, who looked like a bodyguard, stepped forward and grabbed Jonny. In the next second, Ny’s chin was dislocated. ‘What are you doing?” Fear flashed across Victoria’s eyes. Is Olivia going crazy?
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