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Chapter 79 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • It was so funny. How could there be such a funny thing in this world? Olivia was laughing so hard that she was crying. She wiped the corners of her eyes and calmed herself down. Then, she stared at Emma. Emma frowned. “Why are you staring at me like that?” Lynn chimed in from the side with a sarcastic tone. “Olivia seems to have been provoked. While Yvonne is able to invite Isaac for Liam, Olivia only knows how to irritate him.” With a mix of irony, she continued, “While other people contribute to the family, there are still some people with bad intentions. Not only do they fail to help the family, but they also harm others. Comparing you to Yvonne is like comparing heaven and earth. Even though Yvonne isn’t officially from the Taylor family, she managed to bring Isaac. She’s wholeheartedly considering the Taylor family’s interests. After Isaac heals Liam’s leg, her position will be even more secure.” Listening to Lynn’s bizarre words, Olivia’s face remained calm, showing no signs of anger. She remained as calm as a still pond. She simply lifted her eyes slightly and retorted. “Heal his leg?” Lynn’s eyes were filled with disdain. She pointed at the locust and scolded, “People are really different.
  • Some people come back to the Taylor family and only think about gaining shares for themselves, being selfish, and harming others. But some people return to the Taylor family with pure intentions, genuinely wishing to help Liam receive medical treatment. After Isaac heals Liam’s leg, Liam might come over and personally break the legs of his disobedient grandchildren.” Olivia paid no attention to Lynn’s mockery. Her expression remained cold and clear, exuding an inherent nobility and elegance. She didn’t need to speak; a mere glance was enough to suppress Lynn’s arrogance. “So, you’re saying that Isaac can personally heal Liam’s leg?” Olivia asked. Lynn rolled her eyes. “He’s a divine physician. It’s obvious he can heal him!” Olivia chuckled lightly, lightly swaying her fingers before calmly speaking. “How about we make a bet? I bet that the divine physician won’t be able to heal his leg.” “Why are you so vicious?” Lynn’s expression was ferocious. “No matter what, Liam is still your elder. If you curse others, you’ll be punished by the heavens.” “Can’t I tell you the truth?” Olivia asked innocently. When she first arrived at the Taylor family, she saw Liam’s leg, which was already in a state of decay. There was almost no hope of recovery from such an illness.
  • Even Olivia herself only had 60% confidence. Moreover, back then, she didn’t have the ice needle with her, and the effects of other silver needles were significantly inferior. That was why she hadn’t said anything at the time. Isaac’s medical skills were indeed excellent, but they fell slightly short compared to Olivia’s, especially when it came to the use of the ice needle. Liam could only achieve 30% effectiveness with it, while Olivia could reach 90%. Emma wasn’t sure why Olivia was so confident in saying that Isaac wouldn’t be able to heal Liam’s leg, but she didn’t care much about it. Her main goal was to redirect Olivia’s attention to Yvonne. Now that she had achieved that, she felt somewhat relieved. She asked Lynn to leave, leaving only the two of them in the room. Emma asked, “Are you going to expose my true identity?” Olivia looked coldly at Emma and answered, “If I wanted to reveal everything, I would have done it already.” Hearing that Olivia had no intention of exposing her, Emma breathed a sigh of relief.
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