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Chapter 67 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Olivia knew how to swim, but she was knocked down too suddenly and could not react in time. Moreover, she still had Andrew in her arms. Subconsciously, Olivia wanted to protect him and lift him up above the water. Olivia couldn’t care less about herself. Her head was submerged in the water. Immediately after, there were shouts and the sound of people splashing into the water. In the chaos, Olivia seemed to have bumped her head. Olivia fainted just like that. When she woke up, Olivia was already lying in the hotel room with a circle of people around her. Seeing that Olivia had woken up, everyone surrounded her. Olivia glanced around and saw Emma. Emma’s eyes were red and swollen like a walnut. “Olivia, you’re finally awake. You scared me to death.” Emma wiped her eyes with a tissue, her eyes filled with concern. Olivia pressed her acupuncture points and said, “I’m fine.”
  • Then, she turned to Daniel and asked anxiously, “Where’s Andrew?” Daniel carefully sized up Olivia. Seeing that Olivia’s expression was normal and her baby was fine, Daniel replied, “Mr. Wilson took him back. Don’t worry, he’s fine.” Olivia nodded. Just as she was about to heave a sigh of relief, Olivia heard a calm voice come from above. “You’re too careless. It’s fine if you fell down yourself, but you even implicated Mr. Andrew. He’s not even five years old.” The one who spoke was Lola. Lola had finally found an opportunity to counterattack Olivia. Lola had spared no effort. Lola kept nagging that Olivia was wrong and insisted on putting on a brave front. It would have been better if Olivia had let the staff carry Andrew, but Olivia insisted on doing it herself. Now, Olivia had caused the child to fall into the water.
  • If such a young child had a fever after falling into the water, it was not a big deal. However, Andrew was probably terribly frightened. Andrew might suffer from psychological trauma after the accident. Emma raised her hand to stop Lola. Emma looked like she was speaking up for Olivia. “Stop talking. Olivia didn’t do it on purpose. She just wanted to hug Mr. Andrew. Who would have thought that she would fall into the water?” “Don’t speak up for her.” Lola’s tone was harsh. “Andrew came here to give her a lotus seedpod. He didn’t ask her to carry him. Olivia insisted on carrying Andrew.” At this point, Lola glanced at Daniel and said meaningfully, “I heard that there are always some women who want to get close to you, Mr. Sullivan. When they can’t get close to you, they think of a way to circle around and use the child to get close.” “Stop talking.” Emma tugged at Lola’s sleeve. “Keep your voice down. Olivia is not such a person. Moreover, our family has arranged for her to go on a blind date with Ethan. Why would she go to Mr. Sullivan?”
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