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Chapter 50 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Olivia met Andrew halfway, so she did not immediately go to the laboratory to meet the students. Instead, she held Andrew. There was a red mark on Andrew’s face from when he was sleeping. Olivia did not notice it before, but now that she picked him up, she saw it. “Why is your face red?” Olivia rubbed his tender little face. Daniel glanced at him and said calmly, “He was sleeping in the car just now. He was not awake yet.” Not awake? Olivia carefully observed the little boy’s expression and realized that he indeed looked a little discontented, like wilted grass. “It’s not good for a child to not have enough sleep.” Olivia handed Andrew to Daniel, wanting him to carry Andrew back. Andrew refused. He immediately turned around and pointed his butt at Daniel. Olivia was surprisingly patient with Andrew. When she saw that Andrew didn’t want Daniel to carry him, she said, “If it’s convenient, I’ll bring him over.” Daniel nodded indifferently and walked forward. This resort hotel was owned by the Sullivan family. Daniel had a special room here.
  • Sometimes, when he was tired from work, he would come over to stay for two days. When the lobby manager saw Daniel enter, he hurriedly brought the room service butler forward to welcome him. When they arrived at the private room, the lobby manager took out the room card and opened the door. Daniel entered first. There was a pair of blue men’s slippers inside. After taking off his leather shoes, he walked in barefooted. Then he bent down and picked up the slippers. He placed them at Olivia’s feet. “You can wear this pair.” This pair of slippers were clearly Daniel’s. Olivia did not argue and put on the slippers. The men’s slippers were a little big. After she put them on, her fair feet slid forward. She had to walk slowly to hook the slippers. The lobby manager and the butler followed them in. The two of them were not barefoot. Instead, they took out a pair of shoe covers from somewhere and put them on. Olivia lowered her head and looked at the slippers on her feet, which were as big as a boat. Then she glanced at the shoe covers on the lobby manager’s feet.
  • She was speechless. Since there were shoe covers, why didn’t he take them out earlier? Faced with Olivia’s silent questioning, the lobby manager blinked and said with an innocent expression, “There’s only one pair left, and I’ve used it before.” The butler was also very innocent. “I only have one pair, too.” Alright, Olivia wouldn’t fuss about it. The lobby manager and the guest room butler sent them to the room and asked for their requests before leaving one after another. Only Olivia, Andrew, and Daniel were left in the room. Olivia placed Andrew on the bed and wanted to leave. Andrew stretched out his fair and chubby little hands and grabbed the corner of her clothes. He blinked his cute big eyes and said, “Olivia, don’t leave.” Olivia hesitated. Her mentor and classmates were still waiting. Before she could think of an excuse to refuse, Andrew was reprimanded by Daniel. “Nonsense. Olivia still has something to do. How can she keep you company here?” Andrew had only been acting coquettishly toward Olivia out of habit and had not considered anything else.
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