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Chapter 69 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • After falling into the water, Olivia was indeed a little uncomfortable. She rested for a day and only went out at night. When Olivia went out, she found out that Emma, Ethan, and the others had already left. Olivia frowned and thought nothing of it. Just as she was about to go to the restaurant to eat, she received a call from Liam. Liam wanted Olivia to go back to the Taylor family house immediately. Liam didn’t say what it was about, but his tone was very serious. It was already late. Olivia did not have much time to waste. She sent Daniel a message and left. By the time Olivia went back to the Taylor family house, the sky had already turned completely dark. Olivia pushed the door open and entered the house. Almost every family member was there. Other than David, who had gone overseas, everyone else was present. Ethan was also there. The family members were all gathered, but there were very few servants. Only the butler was present. He stood behind Liam with a secretive expression. Olivia frowned slightly.
  • The atmosphere in the room was very gloomy. It was even a little oppressive, revealing a hint of oblivion and strangeness. Everyone looked at Olivia with dark expressions. Olivia walked to the sofa and sat down. She looked at Liam and asked, “Why did you call me back?” “Olivia!” Before Liam could speak, Amelia started talking. Amelia’s tone was unfriendly. “After doing such a thing, you still dare to come back. Aren’t you guilty? Aren’t you ashamed?” Olivia was a little confused. What did she do to make them so angry? Olivia lowered her head and touched the gold pendant on her wrist. When she looked up again, her tone became cold. “If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t be sarcastic.” “How dare you be so self-righteous?” Olivia’s attitude angered Samuel so much that his face turned red. He panted heavily, and his nostrils dilated. Samuel suddenly stood up, picked up the cup in his hand, and splashed it at Olivia. Because it was too fast and sudden, Olivia did not completely dodge it. Olivia only raised her hand to cover her face defensively.
  • All the water was splashed on the back of her hand. The water was very hot. After being splashed by it, Olivia’s hand quickly turned red. Olivia shivered from the burn. Olivia looked up at Samuel in disbelief. Olivia had never expected anything from her father. Her father had given her life after all. Although he was biased, Olivia still acknowledged his position in her heart. Olivia was just unwilling to get close to her father. And now, her father has splashed hot water on her. If the water was splashed on her face, Olivia would be disfigured! Olivia lowered her head and quickly went to get the bottled water on the table. She wanted to rinse the burning blisters on her hand. But before Olivia could touch the water, Amelia had already taken the bottle away. Olivia looked up in shock and saw the undisguised malice in Amelia’s eyes. Amelia had done it on purpose. She had deliberately taken the water away.
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