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Chapter 10 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • “Are you going to leave me behind?” Andrew immediately reacted and turned his head to glare at Daniel in anger. Daniel didn’t have time to pay attention to his son and directly told the driver, “Take care of Andrew.” Then he raised his hand to push the door open and get out of the car. The driver was nervous. “Mr. Sullivan, where are you going? What about Mr. Andrew? Do you want me to send him back to the old mansion?” Daniel’s gaze returned to Andrew, and he met his son’s round and angry eyes. He instantly swallowed his words about sending Andrew back to the old mansion and said, “Send him to the Taylor family for the dinner party.” The driver thought, “Is Mr. Sullivan letting Mr. Andrew go to a dinner party on his own? He’s only four years old!” He was stunned. By this time, Daniel had gotten out of the car.
  • He raised his hand to touch the little boy’s fluffy head and said in a cold voice, “Aren’t you going to pick out a wife for me? Go ahead and pick one!” When Daniel got out of the car, Olivia had already gotten off the subway elevator. Looking at the elevator that was already going down, Daniel didn’t hesitate and ran directly toward the escalator. On the other side, after Olivia left, Abigail instantly relaxed and leaned over the steering wheel to catch her breath. Thinking about Olivia’s tone of voice when she left, Abigail felt both fear and guilt in her heart. She wasn’t a good assistant. She went against the ethics of her profession. After breathing heavily while leaning on the steering wheel several times, she calmed down and returned to her senses. She took out her cell phone and dialed the number.
  • “Hello…” But before she could say more, a woman’s excited voice came from the other side of the phone. “Abigail, did you make it?” Abigail sounded tired. “Yeah. She’s already gone to the subway.” “Great!” Grace jumped up happily. “I’ve got it all set up over at the subway. There are reporters and a couple of men hired. They will follow Olivia when they see her, and when she gets on the subway, those men will follow her and surround her, crumpling her clothes. Then, the reporters will take photos of her. As long as those photos are shared online, her reputation will be ruined."“Hahaha!” Grace was overjoyed and kept imagining. “Is it mean or poor for a rich young lady to wear a gown and push her way through the subway? A wealthy young lady is squeezing through her way with many men on the subway. Is the subway too crowded, or does the young lady have a special fetish?” She thought of several topics in a row, each more nasty and vicious than the other. Abigail’s brows furrowed as she listened.
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