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Chapter 55 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Olivia could not remember much about her childhood. She only had a vague impression of it. She was by herself on the street on the day that woman abandoned her. Many people who were in a hurry were all around her. They were all unfamiliar faces. She did not know any of them. She squatted at the corner of the street alone. She was waiting for her father to pick her up. However, she waited from dawn until dark, and her father didn’t even come. She was very hungry and tired. She was scared and didn’t know what to do. At that time, the little Olivia was already very smart. She could clearly remember the road she had only walked once. She remembered the way back to that woman’s home. She knew that that woman didn’t like her and deliberately abandoned her, so she didn’t dare to go back. She just stood not far from that woman’s home and waited quietly for her father. She was waiting for her father to come back. She knew that he would definitely come out to look for her when he realized that she was gone.
  • That way, she could go home with her father. Unfortunately, he did not come. After that, Olivia met Isaac Smith. Isaac was the director of a traditional medicine hospital in the neighboring city. He had never married in his life and had only adopted three children. In addition to Olivia, there were also Jarron Lane and Gillian Dale. The three of them learned medical skills from Isaac together. Olivia was the smartest and learned the best. Isaac liked her the most. He often brought her to treat patients and sometimes asked for her opinion. At that time, Olivia, who was only in her teens, was in high spirits. She boasted that she wanted to enter the best medical school and become the best doctor in the Hushe Republic. She wanted to change the awkward position of traditional medicine internationally. She wanted to inherit Isaac’s medical skills and become the director of the hospital. She wanted this hospital to become the most famous hospital in the Hushe Republic. Olivia, who was young, said brave words. Everyone around her thought that she was cute and interesting.
  • No one took her words seriously. Only Isaac believed her. He was already in his sixties, and he was always moving. He kept emphasizing, “I believe that Olivia will become the best doctor in the Hushe Republic.” Later on, Olivia did live up to Isaac’s expectations. At the age of 16, she learned the most complicated acupuncture technique from the Smith family. Even Isaac did not dare to perform acupuncture on others easily. Olivia, who was only 16 years old, was a girl who was not afraid of anything. Not long after she learned it, she administered acupuncture to Alan, who had come to ask Isaac for help. She cured his illness and even cured Ryan’s legs. This was something that even Isaac could not do. After that, Isaac’s expectations for Olivia increased. He almost taught her all his medical skills. After the SAT, Olivia entered the best medical school in the Hushe Republic with almost full marks. Her future was clear and good. She would inherit Isaac’s traditional medical skills and learn top-notch medical skills both domestically and overseas.
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