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Chapter 46 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Olivia walked toward the entrance of the villa. As soon as she walked in, a servant rushed out. Olivia couldn’t dodge in time and was hit hard. She looked up with a frown and saw the disgust in the servant’s eyes. Olivia was stunned. She knew this maid. Her name was unclear. Everyone called her Lynn. Lynn was an experienced person. She heard that when Michelle was still alive, Lynn was here. Amy and Emma were raised by Lynn personally. Lynn had high status in the Taylor family. She was almost like the nanny in Downton Abbey. The juniors in the family were extremely respectful to her. Lynn was no longer working for the Taylor family. She was practically in a state of retirement. Even the butler respected her greatly. After Olivia returned to the Taylor family, she only met Lynn a few times and did not interact with her. She did not even speak to Lynn. Lynn ignored Olivia and rushed to the phone. She picked up the receiver and said, “Sam, drive over quickly. Drive the RV. Quick, something happened to Yvonne!” Upon hearing the commotion, Emma took a few steps forward in a hurry and asked, “Lynn, what’s wrong with Yvonne?” “Emma…” Lynn held Emma’s hand. Tears streamed down her face as her lips trembled.
  • “Yvonne, you committed suicide by taking sleeping pills!” “How could this be?” Emma was shocked. She had not interacted much with Yvonne. They had only chatted briefly this afternoon. In her opinion, Yvonne was a gentle and sensible girl. Previously, Emma thought that Yvonne was scheming. An orphan girl actually clung to Amy and made Amy treat her as her biological daughter. However, upon interacting with Yvonne, Emma came to realize that this girl possessed remarkable gentleness. Every action, word, and gesture exuded a soothing aura, akin to a gentle spring breeze. Yvonne had a remarkable talent for caring for others. She didn’t seem like a scheming person at all. Why would she commit suicide? It shouldn’t be. Hearing this, Lynn glanced at Olivia. Her gaze was like a poisonous knife, and her tone was gloomy. “What else could it be? Everything that happened to our family recently was all because of her.” As she spoke, Lynn’s gaze remained fixed on Olivia, almost as if she were directly addressing Olivia by name. Emma was a little stunned. What did this have to do with Olivia? Olivia had just returned.
  • Then, she heard Lynn say, “Ms. Yvonne heard that after Olivia was found, she felt that someone could take care of her godmother. She felt that her identity would make things difficult for Olivia and her godmother. She was sensitive and thoughtful. She always thought for others, so she took sleeping pills and committed suicide.” Olivia stood behind the two of them and did not say anything for a long time. She really didn’t know what to say. How could she be blamed for this? She had never seen Yvonne before. The Taylor family was already in a mess. No one cared about Olivia at all. Amy only saw Yvonne lying on the bed with a pale face and weak breathing. She didn’t even look at Olivia. After the car drove over, Amy followed. Samuel was worried and followed. Seeing this, Emma followed closely behind. Olivia glanced at the door. Amelia was shocked and quickly stood in front of her. She said coldly, “Don’t follow her. Yvonne can’t see you.” Lynn, who was standing beside Amelia, saw that Olivia was expressionless and did not look worried at all.
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