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Chapter 136 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Amelia completely lost control of her emotions. When she spoke, her voice was hoarse and sharp. “That’s bullshit. You’re talking nonsense!” Blake chuckled. Her tone was so calm that it was as if she did not care about anything. “If you think I’m talking nonsense, so be it. Think whatever you want.” With that, she hung up. Amelia stared at the silent phone with her eyes wide open. She did not speak for a long time, as if she had fallen into a nightmare. On the other hand, Samuel looked disdainful. He sneered and said, “Did she really say that we can’t get to Olivia if she’s trying to avoid us? Does she really think she’s a big shot? She’s so arrogant. I don’t believe that we can’t get to her!”
  • Since the private detective couldn’t handle it, he would use a stupid method. Samuel directly arranged for dozens of bodyguards to guard the places where Olivia might show up. He even arranged for his men to take turns guarding the Smith Cuisine Hall. He did not believe that he could not get to Olivia, who was just a young girl. No matter how powerful the Smith family was, the members were just doctors. They might be able to get to know some big shots. Those big shots would provide some protection to the Smith family. However, no matter what, the Smith family members were just doctors. They could not be considered big shots. Samuel was just unwilling to offend the Smith family, but that did not mean that he was afraid of the Smith family. Samuel took action aggressively. Liam called him back in just two days with a furious expression. Liam asked right away, “Did you go to investigate Olivia?” Samuel frowned.
  • “What’s wrong? If I don’t investigate her, how can I find her? Seeing Samuel’s matter-of-fact expression, Liam was so angry that his chest and mouth hurt. He pointed at Samuel for a long time but could not say anything. Samuel got unhappy. “Dad, I’m not doing anything excessive. I just want to see her. Can’t I do that?” Liam closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Now was not the time to be angry. He had to quickly withdraw those bodyguards. He did not waste his breath on Samuel. With a wave of his hand, two teams of burly men in suits came up from both sides. They lifted Samuel and ran upstairs. Samuel was dumbfounded. He turned around and shouted at Liam, “Dad, what are you doing?” Liam sneered and rebuked, “I’m not doing anything excessive. I just don’t like you and want to lock you up. Can’t I do that?” Samuel was speechless. He was stumped.
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