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Chapter 187 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • When Gillian and Jarron arrived in Mala, it was already nighttime. They did not go directly to Dr. Moss’s place but contacted a senior brother first. The next morning, they went over. Gillian had changed into a gentler gown. Jarron took a look and was very curious. “Why are you wearing a gown?” Gillian chuckled, her gentle eyes filled with pride. “This is my symbol.” Presumably, before long, there would be another story in Mala, a story about a miracle doctor who liked to wear a gown. She would make the Smith family’s miraculous treatments famous and make everyone look up to her. At that time, she would be very famous and popular and look down on Olivia. When the two of them arrived at the senior brother’s office, the senior brother was communicating with a patient. He only came over after it was over. “Jarron, hello, you’re finally here.” His senior brother, Carl, was a passionate man. He went forward and gave Jarron a big hug. He then kissed the back of Gillian’s hand, full of praise.
  • “Jarron, your wife is so beautiful.” The two of them sat down and chatted for a moment. Carl said that Dr. Moss had already seen Jarron’s resume. When he returned, he would personally assess Jarron. Then Jarron could join the team. Gillian asked, “Is Dr. Moss not here?” Carl smiled and said, “You guys came at the wrong time. Dr. Moss is not here. He went to Hushen.” “What? Where?” Gillian was surprised. Carl nodded. “It’s said that there’s something big, but Dr. Moss left in a hurry and didn’t explain it clearly. We’ll have a video conference later. We’ll know when the time comes.” Gillian nodded and did not say anything. Instead, she gave the room to Jarron and let him talk with Carl. Gillian was inadvertently sizing up her surroundings. In the future, this would be the place where Jarron worked. It would be the place where he would achieve his dream. After chatting for a while, Carl went to a meeting. He let Jarron and Gillian take a look around. After an unknown period of time, Carl returned. As soon as he entered the house, he shouted, “Jarron, you’re so lucky. I have great news for you.” Jarron and Gillian looked at each other excitedly. They thought, “What good news? Could it be that Dr. Moss wants to take Jarron as his student?”
  • When Jarron was studying abroad, his greatest wish was to be Dr. Moss’s student. Unfortunately, Dr. Moss only accepted extremely talented people, and he did not like Hushen very much. He didn’t want to accept Jarron, who came from Hushen, as a student. Hearing the words from Carl, Jarron could not control his excitement and could not help but fantasize. Carl took a sip of water before speaking, his eyes sparkling. “You guys are really too lucky. Do you know? Dr. Moss is going to Hushen to help a hospital set up a brain surgery team. He’s going to stay there for a month. After that, the doctors in Mala will rotate. Every year, they have to stay in Hushen for a month to communicate with the doctors there. “I happened to be chosen this time. I’ll go this month. I know that it is your hometown, Jarron. You must have been homesick since you left your hometown and came here. You must be looking forward to going back. I can exchange with you this time and let you go back tomorrow.” Speaking of excitement, Carl couldn’t help but pat Jarron’s back with a surprising expression, as if he said, “You must be overjoyed.” “Are you surprised? Are you excited? Jarron, I know you must be crazy happy!” Jarron was speechless.
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