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Chapter 2 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • "Slap!" A clean and strong sound boomed around the room. Olivia had always worked out. Her motion was quick, and she used her strength with attention and accuracy. Emma's cheeks swelled quickly as a result of this slap. Everything happened too quickly and unexpectedly for those present to respond. When everyone regained consciousness, Olivia had already been standing away, staring down at the bracelet she was wearing. Madeline was the very first to regain consciousness and immediately flung herself on Emma, staring at Emma's cheek with concern. Then she continually instructed the servants to collect ice. Samuel regained consciousness after hearing the repeated instructions.
  • He first saw Emma's puffy cheeks, then cocked his head, squinted his eyes, and glanced at Olivia. A menacing light appeared in his eyes. "What!" David became the last to recognize the predicament. He lunged at Olivia like a savage lion, attempting to skin her alive. This youngster had always been pompous. As the youngest kid in the family, Michael was adored by both his grandparents and sister. He was in high demand outside the country due to his affluent family and attractive appearance. Men and women enjoyed following him. His lexicon included no standards for not striking women. When someone upset him, he made that individual and his entire family unhappy.
  • Following the news that Olivia had battered his kind and loving sister, he would undoubtedly take revenge on her. "You are courting death!" David attempted to smack Olivia. Olivia reached for her hand and gripped his wrist. It was a slender little hand, yet it held his wrist strongly, leaving Harry unable to eradicate it. David scowled and glanced up at Olivia. It was the initial occasion when he took a good look at the lady who claimed to have been his sister. David didn't mind having a further sister or two elder sisters in the household.
  • Anyway, the Taylors were wealthy and had no desire to have additional children. But Olivia made Emma upset, something I cannot abide by. "I told Emma that my name would be her own little knight in this life, protecting her forever. It is OK for anyone to bully me; nevertheless, they cannot bully Emma. No!" he said inwardly. The lady in front of him was thin, with an uncanny sense of acquaintance between her brows. She looked extremely similar to Amelia. David's fury subsided slightly when he saw the woman resembling his mother. He was hardly as irritated as before, but he continued to gaze at Olivia. indifferently. "Let go!" Olivia threw him a harsh look, rotated her wrist, and shoved David away. Then Jessica turned to Samuel. Samuel had been quietly watching David's attack on Olivia earlier. When Olivia grabbed David and pushed him away, he wrinkled his brows and said harshly, "Why did you hit Emma?" Olivia brushed with her index fingers and raised her gaze. Her mouth corners rose slightly, forming a lovely grin.
  • It was the first grin she had since joining the Taylor family. Standing at the focal point of the family room, the woman had a stunning face. Her skin was well tanned. Her beautiful eyes are like an aquarium of water. When she wasn't smiling, she appeared chilly, and her demeanor was as calm as water. But as she smiled, the small dimples on her cheeks showed, imparting a touch of sweetness. She lifted her eyes slightly, gently mirroring their words, and added, "I didn't mean to strike her. She took the freedom of doing so. This has everything to do with me! Furthermore, she is OK and not dead. We are a family. Let us forget about this. She blatantly mocked them. "You!" Samuel became enraged and was going to chastise Olivia.
  • Emma quickly stepped up in a frightened tone and said, "Dad, do not be upset. It's entirely my fault. I made the incorrect decision and nearly injured Olivia. She ought to assault me to release her rage." She then looked at Olivia, her tearful eyes flashing sheepishly. "Olivia, I apologize. I was mistaken. I'm concerned that both of your parents will dislike me once you return, and you'll fully replace me. I've been a neglected child since I was an innocent youngster, and I've finally met a wonderful father and mother. I do not want to experience it again. I did not want to hurt you that day. I only wanted to terrify you and push you aside so that Grandma couldn't locate you." This is my fault. It's entirely my fault. Emma dropped her head, tears flowing down her cheeks. "Olivia, slap me repeatedly to vent your anger." "Emma, what kind of stupidity are you on about? It is not your own doing at all.
  • "That bad guy made his own decision." Amelia was horrified to see her darling Emma weeping so hard, and she held Emma to comfort her. She coaxed Emma to stop sobbing before ultimately turning to Olivia. She closely observed the young woman standing in front of her. When Amelia noticed Olivia's brows were identical to her own, she realized Olivia was her own daughter, whom she had misplaced for 18 years. As a wealthy woman, Amelia had keen eyes and was able to discern at a glance that Olivia's clothing was of common brands and her grips were not like Emma's. Emma's fingers were slim, delicate, and fair since she did not have to perform chores. Olivia's hands were slightly dry and scratchy, and her fingertips pulps were coated with thin calluses.
  • "This girl undoubtedly lived in terrible circumstances and has done an extensive amount of mundane tasks since she was a child," Amelia said. When Amelia realized this, her heart ached somewhat. Her throat ached like she'd swallowed sand. "Olivia?" she cried out softly. Emma sensed Amelia's tumultuous emotions and instantly spoke out quietly, "It hurts." Caroline cared more for Emma, who had been living by her bedside for over a decade. She was soon drawn to Emma and glanced at her puffy cheeks with sadness. She soothed Emma tenderly for a time before turning to face Olivia. After Emma's intrusion, Amelia was once again in the mood to express empathy and apologize for Olivia. Emma had been gravely harmed.
  • But she didn't have the heart to rebuke Olivia. Anyway, it was Emma's fault from the start. Amelia paused and said, "Olivia?" "May I call you Olivia?" Olivia cast a glance toward her but did not answer. Amelia gave Olivia a kind glance. "Emma was at fault in this situation. Although there were no substantial repercussions, her behavior is inappropriate. I'll chat with her later. However, because you are OK and have already smacked her to release your frustration, can you forgive her?" Every word she spoke was for Emma.
  • Olivia lifted her eyes and focused her attention on Amelia. She got separated when she was barely five months old and has no clear memories of her upbringing. Many of her past experiences were forgotten. Nevertheless, there was constantly a woman with lovely eyes who looked at her compassionately and whispered in her mind, "You are my absolute favorite little princess." Olivia recognized that this was actually her biological mother. She eventually saw those eyes, which were identical to those in her memories. "But it's disappointing that the tiny princess that the person in control who had these eyes treasured the most was no longer me," Olivia said to herself.