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Chapter 84 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Even though she had seen through Mr. Wilson’s schemes, Olivia was still willing to fall for them because she was quite concerned about Daniel. He wouldn’t have broken his hand if he hadn’t been cooking for her. Olivia had always been relenting. It was not typical of her to ignore it. Daniel, who was already in the car, saw Olivia walking over through the mirror. His eyes were instantly lit up with smiles, and his face was as light as a spring breeze. However, when Olivia opened the car door and got in, his expression changed to shock in a flash. He stared at Olivia with innocent eyes, as if asking Olivia why she got into the car. Was she planning to hitch a ride? Olivia explained, “I’m concerned about your hand. Do you mind if I bother you for a couple of days?” Upon hearing this, Daniel was slightly surprised. He raised his thick black eyebrows and then suddenly leaned over. His deep and shimmering eyes flashed with emotion, and his tone was half teasing and half earnest. “Are you caring about me?” Olivia’s breathing sped up.
  • Her b*dy shrank back and pressed against the back of the seat subconsciously. What was he going to do? Daniel chuckled. He picked up the seatbelt and buckled Olivia. It turned out that he was wearing a seatbelt for her. Olivia heaved a sigh of relief, but at the same time, she felt a little embarrassed that she was too nervous. Mr. Wilson got in the car and drove Olivia to the Sullivan family before heading to the company. Andrew to the kindergarten during the day. His little, chubby hand, which had five vortices on the back, was still holding a cookie box when the driver picked him up in the afternoon. He obediently placed it on his little legs. The driver asked him to put it on the seat. Andrew shook his head, his chubby hands gripping it tightly. Seeing this, the driver couldn’t help but be curious. “What’s inside?” Andrew said softly, “Cookies I made.” “Wow!” The driver exclaimed, “Mr. Andrew is so awesome. Andrew was a little shy after being praised. His blushed cheeks were like two big apples. The box contained cookies that the teacher had taught the children to make. She said she wanted the kids to make some cookies to express their love to their parents. The other children made ten biscuits for their mothers and five for their fathers.
  • Daniel did not have a mother, so he planned to only make five. However, when he was kneading the dough, he suddenly thought of Olivia. Although Olivia was not his mother, he liked her and decided to make biscuits for her. So he made twelve cookies, five for his father and seven for Olivia. Because he liked Olivia a little more, he made two more for her. When they reached home, Zoe came over to pick up the cookies in his hand. Then, she took Andrew to wash his hands. Andrew was thinking about the cookies and wanted to send them to Olivia. He asked when his father would be back and wanted his father to bring him to her. How could Zoe know Daniel’s whereabouts? However, she thought for a moment and said, “He should be back before dinner. Miss Olivia is here. Mr. Sullivan won’t be back too late.” “What?” He didn’t expect Olivia to be here. Andrew widened his eyes in surprise and looked up at Zoe.
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