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Chapter 146 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • After a good night’s sleep, Andrew woke up early. The first thing he did when he woke up was to look for Olivia. Then he went to visit his great-grandfather with Olivia. In the hotel living room, Zoe and Zoila were preparing breakfast. Zoila was really a meticulous and responsible person. After listening to Olivia’s words that day, she had completely come to terms with it. She took liking someone to heart. As long as she was happy, there was no need to get involved and make everyone unhappy. She learned about Andrew’s preferences from Zoe and went out early to prepare breakfast. One of the dishes was a croissant. The hotel did not serve this dish for breakfast. She especially went out and asked around for a long time before buying it from a private restaurant. When she packed it back, it was still warm and scalding. Seeing that Andrew had woken up, she immediately waved her hand. “Andrew, come over and eat breakfast. It’s still hot.” Andrew ran to the dining table and sniffed. Then he smiled. “It smells so good!” “Let’s eat.” Seeing that Andrew liked it, Zoila was pleased and quickly handed the spoon over. Unexpectedly, Andrew shook his head, blinked his beautiful eyes, and said seriously, “I want to wait for Olivia to eat together.”
  • Zoila was stunned. The smile on her face faded a little, but she still advised seriously, “But when Olivia comes, the dishes will turn cold. If they turn cold, they won’t taste good anymore.” She coaxed him as if she were coaxing a child. Children could rarely resist the temptation of food. Moreover, croissants were his favorite. However, Andrew did not hesitate, as she had imagined. Instead, he rejected her directly. “No, I want to wait for Olivia to eat together.” Her soft, childlike voice sounded firm and resolute without any hesitation. Zoila was stunned. She didn’t understand. “You can eat first and wait while you eat. Ms. Taylor hasn’t woken up yet. When she wakes up, the dishes will be cold. The croissant you like won’t be delicious anymore. Don’t you like it very much?” “It’s just one dish.” Andrew retracted his gaze from the dish. “If it’s cold, I won’t ez it. What’s there to pity? But if I miss eating with Olivia, I’ll miss it forever.” “There’s tomorrow.” “Tomorrow is tomorrow, not today.” The little child’s tone was firm. “Time waits for no man. Tomorrow is different from today!”
  • Zoila tightened her grip on her spoon, her eyes filled with unconcealable shock. It was hard to imagine that such a young child would say such words. Zoe happened to be carrying fruits over. When she saw this, she smiled and said to Zoila, “Don’t persuade him. Mr. Andrew has a lot of thoughts.” Zoila looked up in confusion, not understanding why Zoe said so. Zoe explained, “Don’t think that Mr. Andrew is young and has a lot of thoughts. There’s a saying that you young people always say... I remember now. Self-discipline is self-discipline. Mr. Andrew has very strong self-control over his desires. If he doesn’t finish his homework, he definitely won’t go out to play, no matter who told him to give up on his homework. If he can’t complete his daily missions, he definitely won’t sleep until he finishes them. “He said he doesn’t want to eat. He wants to wait for Miss Olivia to eat with him. No matter how hungry he is or how much he likes the food on the table, he will never touch his spoon.” When he spoke, Zoe’s tone was filled with pride.
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