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Chapter 91 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Seeing how Daniel was protecting Olivia, Isabella knew that Daniel truly cared for Olivia. To maintain Daniel’s dignity, Isabella would not create a scene in public. However, looking at Yvonne, it was obvious that Yvonne was determined to embarrass Olivia. Isabella immediately fell into a dilemma. She hesitated for a moment. and quickly made a decision. Nothing was more important than her health. Isabella followed Yvonne’s words, her face showing a hint of displeasure. “Ms. Taylor would not hold a grudge against me, would you?” Isabella’s words were cut off before she could finish as Olivia’s cold and decisive voice interrupted, “I can cure your illness.”
  • The crowd had initially intended to watch Olivia make a fool of herself. Even though Daniel was interested in her, Yvonne was Mrs. Sullivan’s savior. How significant could a woman be compared to one’s own mother? Daniel definitely cared about Mrs. Sullivan, and Mrs. Sullivan, in harmony with Yvonne, was making things difficult for Olivia. The people present were all sharp-minded individuals, well aware of the situation. They watched with wide eyes, discreetly waiting to witness Olivia’s embarrassment, seeing her being challenged by Mrs. Sullivan. In the end, in the midst of this tense atmosphere, Olivia actually claimed that she could cure Mrs. Sullivan’s illness! The room instantly fell into silence, so quiet that one could hear a pin drop, an ceric stillness enveloping the atmosphere, as if in a soundless. Vacuum. After a while, a sudden sneer broke the silence in the room. The one laughing was Yvonne, her fingers gripping the box containing the precious pill. Yvonne tilted her head and looked at Olivia with a teasing tone. “Olivia, your words are quite amusing. If you are skilled in medicine, why did you not rush to help when Mrs. Sullivan fainted just now? Waiting until Mrs. Sullivan regained consciousness and then claiming you can cure her. Is that not like being a hindsight strategist?” Olivia paid no attention to Yvonne’s taunts.
  • Olivia simply gazed at Mrs. Sullivan, her eyes fixed unwaveringly on Mrs. Sullivan’s face, observing Mrs. Sullivan’s expression closely. Not noticing any change in Olivia’s expression, Yvonne’s irritation grew stronger. She let out a soft snort and said, “You must have learned a few days from your medical expert grandfather and now think you are a master healer. Mrs. Sullivan is not your experimental subject.” At this moment, Mrs. Sullivan’s niece, Grayson, who had been silent all along, spoke up. Grayson glanced at Olivia and disapproved, saying, “When it comes to Mrs. Sullivan’s health, it is not the place for the two of you to fight, especially you!” Grayson glanced disdainfully at Olivia, Grayson’s expression full of disgust. “If you want to please Mrs. Sullivan, there is plenty of time for Billionaire’s Missing Darling to do that. Do not joke about Mrs. Sullivan’s health. The doctors who usually examine her pulse are renowned physicians with decades of clinical experience. Who are you, daring to boast about such things?” Grayson represented Mrs. Sullivan, and her words reflected Mrs. Sullivan’s thoughts. Seeing her stance, other people also chimed in, reprimanding Olivia: “This is outrageous! Do you think this is some village where any quack doctor can diagnose Mrs. Sullivan’s illness?
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