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Chapter 172 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Lindy arrived quickly, and as soon as they met, she began with an apology. “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault for leaving our esteemed guests waiting like this.” Gillian smiled proudly, accepting Lindy’s apology. Initially, Lindy was just being polite, but she had not expected Gillian to be so audacious. She felt the smile on her lips fade a bit, and if it weren’t for Olivia, she would have surely kicked Gillian and her group out. What an audacious bunch! After sitting down, Lindy asked the butler to prepare coffee and then turned her attention to Gillian, asking, “Miss Dale, you called me over in such a hurry. Is there something you’d like to discuss?” Gillian spoke as she played with her phone strap, “I have come to apologize to you, Mr. Patterson.” “Apologize?” Lindy blinked in surprise and personally received the coffee from her butler, placing it in front of Gillian. She did not do the same for Healix and Lindsay. The butler handled that. After Gillian received the coffee and placed it on the table, she leaned in slightly, looking apologetic. “Earlier, at the herb garden, I saw Olivia picking medicinal herbs from your residence without any consideration. I’m truly sorry for this, Mrs. Patterson, and I apologize on her behalf.” So, it was about that. It was not a big deal to Lindy, and she chuckled. “There is no need to apologize. She’s free to pick herbs from the garden.”
  • “No, no.” Gillian waved her hand and continued, adopting a somewhat helpless tone. “Please don’t indulge her too much just because of the Smith family’s reputation. Mrs. Patterson.” Lindy paused, her hand holding the cup still. Something about this did not sound right. Gillian continued, saying, “Olivia was adopted by my grandfather. She was well-behaved when she was younger, but as she grew older, her temperament deteriorated. Unfortunately, my grandfather spoils her, allowing her to cause trouble outside in the name of the Smith family.” As she spoke, Gillian’s tone became stern, saying, “Our family upholds a proper reputation. We cannot tolerate any actions that might tarnish it. Mrs. Patterson, you don’t have to show her so much favoritism just because of me.” Lindy put down her coffee, looking more seriously at Gillian. “Miss Dale, do you have a misunderstanding?” “It’s not a misunderstanding.” Gillian looked disgusted and continued to say, “Ciivia has always been like this. She frequently goes to prominent families, leveraging our grandfather’s reputation and demanding attention from others. In the past, our grandfather indulged her, allowing her to do as she pleased.
  • But now, I run the family, and I will not tolerate such behavior.” At the end of her speech, Gillian’s tone became even more resolute. “Mrs. Patterson, I urge you to send Olivia away and give her a lesson.” Upon hearing this, Lindy was dumbfounded, unable to speak for a moment. She was stunned for a while and then asked in bewilderment, “Do you two have some kind of grudge?” Grudge? Gillian furrowed her brows, concerned that Lindy might perceive her as too severe. She quickly explained, “It’s not that there’s a grudge between us. It’s just that her actions have been so disappointing! After our grandfather fell ill, she delayed visiting for a whole half month, and as soon as she returned home, she started vying for the head position of the family.” Gillian paused and blushed slightly. “These are all family matters and should not be aired in public. However, Olivia’s actions have gone too far. I believe that if our grandfather were to wake up now, he would certainly expel her from the family.” After listening to all this, Lindy finally understood. It turned out that Gillian and Olivia did not get along well. If that was the case, she had no reason to be concerned. Lindy reclined on the sofa, no longer treating the group with the same respect and caution as before.
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