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Chapter 105 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Cynthia had perfected this move of retreating in order to advance. Not only did she lower her head in front of Daniel and act pitifully to make him feel guilty towards her, but she also created an image of herself being infatuated and forbearing in front of everyone. As the successor of the Smith Cuisine Hall, she must master excellent culinary skills, but her character, image, and conduct were also of great importance. As expected, seeing Cynthia like this, some customers, who were anxious for justice, soon could not stand it anymore and criticized Daniel. “Are you still a man? How could you treat Chef Brown coldly without forethought? Do you know that it was the woman beside you who started it? She was the one who bullied Chef Brown!” The man was filled with righteous indignation. As he was a small business owner, not at the level of Daniel, he did not know Daniel at all.
  • When Cynthia heard this, a trace of smugness flashed across her eyes. She lowered her head, pretended she was hurt, and was about to dissuade the man. “There’s no need to say anything. It’s all my fault. I made Ms.Taylor dissatisfied. I’m not good enough at cooking.” As she spoke, she smiled sadly. It seemed like she was self–deprecating and helpless at the same time. “I didn’t expect that anyone could actually insult me although I have learned how to cook for 20 years. My hands. were covered in scars and all nights were spent learning culinary skills. and I won many competition gold awards.”She muttered in a low voice, After she finished speaking, her body trembled slightly as if she could not take it anymore. In this spacious and antique–looking hall where she stood, her figure looked so slender as if she was a delicate and weak flower that couldn’t withstand the violent wind, which made people pity her.
  • Finally, no one on the spot could stand it anymore. “Mr. Sullivan, you have to be reasonable. Everyone here knows who’s right and who’s wrong. You can’t bully Chef Brown just because of your status and her feelings for you!” An old man frowned as he said. “A man’s magnanimousness lies in his open mind and clear distinction between right and wrong. We don’t have the right to judge who you like and we won’t care. But if you don’t know what’s good for you and take advantage of Chef Brown’s feelings for you to bully her, such a weak woman, we definitely won’t tolerate it, even if we’re weak and can’t compare to the Sullivan family!” From the beginning until now, Olivia had been sitting on the chair leisurely.
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