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Chapter 65 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • After making the call and arranging for the mercenaries to protect Olivia, Daniel leaned back in his chair and suddenly sneered. The man leaned back in his chair. He didn’t sit up straight, and his posture was even a little crooked. If anyone else sat like this, they would definitely be labeled as indecent or ruffian. However, when it came to Daniel, there was a charm to it. Daniel recalled that five years ago, Olivia was only 18 years old. She was lively and energetic every single day. Olivia would go out to play hard during the day and could still read novels when she came back at night. As she read, Olivia would bite her lip and smile at Daniel like a little fool. When asked what she was laughing at, Olivia would say that she was reading novels about a CEO. In the novel, the male lead was very stupid. He had an IQ of 180, but he could not see through the clumsy tricks of the supporting female role. The CEO was inevitably misunderstood. He was rich and powerful, but as long as the female lead went overseas, he would not be able to find her.
  • The CEO was powerful. He had countless b*dyguards around him, but he could never protect the female lead. If anything happened, the female lead would always be the one who was injured. What kind of overbearing CEO was this? The male lead was more like an idiot. At that time, Daniel discussed the novel with Olivia. Daniel said that it was wrong for Olivia to judge the male lead like that. There is always a limit to a person’s strength. Mistakes were inevitable. Now that Daniel had become a domineering CEO, he realized that the CEO in the novel was indeed stupid. Daniel did not care if there was a scheme or not. He did not care how the supporting actress framed the female lead. He did not need to distinguish or see through it. He only needed to stand behind Olivia immediately. If Olivia encountered danger, Daniel would protect her immediately. That was enough! Didn’t he work so hard to become so powerful so that he could protect Olivia? After breakfast, Mr. Wilson invited Olivia to participate in the team-building event as previously arranged.
  • Olivia was a little hesitant. This was a company event. She worried that it would be inappropriate for her to go over it. Just as she was about to refuse, Olivia heard Mr. Wilson say, “Ms. Taylor, you can be there for Mr. Andrew.” Olivia nodded as soon as she heard that she was there for Andrew. Andrew seemed to understand as well. She stood obediently beside Olivia. “Olivia, I’ll be good and stay by your side.” When Mr. Wilson heard this, he first glanced at Daniel and then at Andrew. Mr. Wilson was amazed by Olivia’s charm. She had both Andrew and his father under her spell. Olivia was prepared to accompany Andrew. However, before they set off, Ethan and Emma came together. Emma’s gaze shifted between Daniel and Olivia. Emma smiled and said, “Just now, Ethan rented a boat. The weather is cool now, and it’s a good time to take in the lake view. I heard that there is some lotus in the east. Olivia, let’s go take a look together.” Olivia was bending over to fix Andrew’s collar.
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