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Chapter 88 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Of course, Isabella didn’t like Olivia. She said these nice words because she was frightened by Daniel. Ever since Daniel returned with the child five years ago, he has become a different person. He was harsh and merciless. No one, not even Isabella, could persuade him otherwise. For various reasons, Isabella felt guilty. She did not dare interfere in Daniel’s matter and mostly followed his wishes. After all, they were mother and son. Although there had been some alienation between them, it had progressively healed over time. Their relationship had recovered in the previous five years. However, the sudden change in Daniel’s temperament just now stunned Isabella completely. It was as if she were looking at the arrogant and cold Daniel, who had just returned five years ago. Hence, she was terrified. She looked Olivia up and down. She had to admit that her son, Daniel, had impeccable taste. This girl was outstanding. Even Isabella, who had seen numerous beauties, was praising her for her attractive look from the bottom of her heart.
  • Not only was she beautiful, but her demeanor was second to none. She was elegant and noble, and she conducted herself with gentleness and solemnity. Without Yvonne, Isabella would definitely like this daughter-in-law very much. But now the situation is different. Yvonne was a golden goose. Not to mention her family background, her relationship with that doctor was a huge resource. Anything that was scarce was precious. That renowned doctor was indeed a scarce resource. Gradual Bella started to look at Olivia with a critical gaze, and her tone was too old. “Could you tell me something about your family?” Before Olivia could open her mouth, Yvonne intercepted, “Isabella, she’s my sister.” Sister? Isabella was stunned. Yvonne smiled and explained, “Mrs. Sullivan, you might not know this. Olivia is the daughter the Taylor family has lost for 18 years.” At this Misting Harding point, her tone was a little mocking. “She grew up in a small family. I heard that a very old man adopted her, just an unknown doctor.” Isabella’s frown intensified. Disdain flashed over her eyes as she heard this. A middle-aged woman sitting around exclaimed, “Does that mean that she grew up in a poor family?” Then she faked a pitiful expression. “What a pity. She’s a rich young lady who ended up in a shanty.
  • Without the guidance of a great teacher, her knowledge and talent are probably far inferior." The woman who spoke was Isabella’s niece. Ostensibly, she looked pitiful, but in reality, she was mocking her. Daniel’s eyes darkened into a maelstrom of rage. Just as he was about to speak, he felt a warmth in his hand. It was Olivia who covered his hand and patted it comfortingly. They made eye contact. Daniel understood what she meant. He leaned against the sofa and said nothing because it was Olivia’s showtime. Isabella’s face clouded even more as she heard her niece’s statements. Olivia had a decent background. She was descended from the Taylor family, but what she had experienced was completely unacceptable. Growing up in a poor and humble family, she must be undereducated. Girls from rich families had been traveling throughout the world since they were young. They were extremely knowledgeable and well-informed. They had also been to the tropical rainforest, seen the pyramids, climbed the snow mountains, etc.
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