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Chapter 89 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • After the silence, there was surprise and flame on her face. Lilian felt humiliated; she had been slapped in the face in public. Her face blushed in anger. She had self-inflicted her mockery just now. She could not believe it and muttered, “Impossible, that’s impossible. It must be fake.” She raised her hand to pick the hairpin on Olivia’s head, but her daughter, Harper, stopped her and scolded in a low voice, “Mom!” She instantly came to her senses and stopped talking. The more she said, the more mistakes she would make. She had already been shamed once. She couldn’t let it happen again. But Yvonne’s expression was relaxing. She even said jokingly, “I didn’t expect Mr. Sullivan to be so concerned about my sister. She can even get such a unique hairpin.” With just one sentence, she directly concluded that the origin of the hairpin was Daniel. Her mom also caught on. Her eyes lit up. That’s right. This hairpin must. have been given by Daniel. A poor family raised Olivia. She couldn’t be so well-versed in history. Even if the Taylor family dropped her money, she must have bought something tacky. Harper also looked at Daniel. She puffed up her cheeks and said. coquettishly, “Daniel, you are so mean to me.
  • You do know that I like this. kind of thing, but you didn’t give it to me. A man always forgets about their original family after getting a wife.” Dans Un is on the sofa with his long legs crossed. His posture was erect. His expression was originally indifferent, but when he heard this, he suddenly burst out laughing. He turned to look at Harper, raised his eyebrows, and said playfully, “Do you want me to find a doctor?” Harper did not understand and asked, “Why do you need a doctor?” Daniel’s eyes were filled with mockery. “Your ears have some problems." He lifted his chin up. “You just read the Wikipedia article. It was a Gorshire. duke who took away the hairpin. Are you deaf, or are you stupid? You treat me as a Gorshiren.” As soon as he finished speaking, Harper’s face turned pale, and Yvonne’s expression was unnatural. Seeing that the atmosphere was about to become stiff, Isabella said, “Alright, stop talking about the hairpin." After saying that, she turned around and patted Yvonne’s hand. comfortingly. Her tone was gentle. “My girl, you gave me such a precious pill, but I don’t have anything good to return your gift. I’ll get Daniel to accompany you later. If you have any requests, just tell him. You are not here to get jealous. Come to me if he isn’t good to you.
  • I’ll help you.” Yvonne lowered her eyes and smiled shyly. “Mrs. Sullivan, you’re so kind. No matter how precious the pill is, it’s not as precious as health. Your condition is the most important thing. Take the precious pill first. In a few days, I’ll ask my grandpa to come over for treatment.” Hearing this, a surprised expression flashed across Isabella’s face. “What did you say? You can invite the renowned doctor over.” After all, those were shares in the family, even if it was only 3%. The annual dividends amounted to over $20 million. And that was just the dividend. If it were sold, it could be worth over a few billion dollars. This was money that many people could not earn even if they worked hard for their entire lives. “Ms. Yvonne is a really capable girl. She has a good relationship with that renowned doctor. That’s impressive!” Lilian was flattering. Then, her gaze turned to Olivia with criticism and disdain. “Ms. Yvonne gave Mrs. Sullivan a precious pill as a gift. She can even invite the renowned doctor to personally treat Mrs. Sullivan. Miss Olivia, the future daughterr-inlaw of the Sullivan family, I wonder what gift you have prepared.” She remembered the embarrassment just now, so she was desperate to catch every possible opportunity to humiliate Olivia. Her eyes kept glancing at the bags Olivia had brought over. “Bring it over. Let me take a look at it. I want to see what it is. It's not necessary to be comparable to Ms. Yvonne’s precious pill, as long as it’s half as valuable.”
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