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Chapter 82 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Daniel sent Olivia home. Olivia had not been home for a few days, and the house was very dusty. In the past, a housekeeper would come over regularly to tidy up. Perhaps because Olivia was not home the past few days, the housekeeper could not enter the house without a key, and so no one came to tidy up. Daniel walked around the sofa, but he did not sit down. Olivia was a little embarrassed to see that. There was indeed a lot of dust on the sofa. Olivia took out a duster and swept the dust away. With a slightly red face, she explained, “I haven’t been home the past few days, so my house is a little messy.” Ever since Daniel confessed, Olivia has been more self-conscious. She could no longer be as carefree as before and would be a little shy in front of Daniel. Daniel rarely saw Olivia like this. Ever since Olivia lost her memory, she has always been cold and indifferent. This was the first time Daniel had. seen her shy. He felt that Olivia was quite adorable this way. Daniel felt that Olivia’s slightly red face reminded him of a rabbit.
  • He really wanted to hug her and rub her soft fur. Daniel deliberately frowned and stared at the sofa. He looked troubled, as if he were trying to say that the sofa was dirty and he didn’t want to sit on it. As expected, Olivia instantly became nervous. She looked around. There was nowhere else to sit in the living room except her workbench, but that wasn’t the right place. Where should he sit? Olivia, for the first time, had always been calm and composed. She felt troubled for the While she was still in a dilemma, Daniel had already pushed open the bedroom door and walked in. Olivia’s apartment was a small one-bedroom apartment with a bedroom of less than 215 square feet. With the cabinet and the six-foot bed, there was almost no more space in the bedroom. The moment Daniel walked into the bedroom, his long legs made the originally small room look even more claustrophobic. Motor’s Missing Darling I’ll sit here, Daniel said. He turned and sat on the bed, his long legs bent. Olivia was shocked and immediately said, “How can you sit on the bed?” Daniel suddenly looked up.
  • His handsome face instantly became charming. Propping himself up on the bed with one hand, he turned his b*dy slightly to look up at her. With a low and hoarse voice, he said, I can’t sit. Do you want me to lie down?” Olivia was stunned for a moment. Her face burned. Redness spread from her cheeks to the depths of her neck. As a CEO, you don’t even have a bed at home, yet you still want to freeload at someone else’s house.” Olivia said. Daniel smiled shamelessly. “I’m not a freeloader. You’re the only one who has such an honor.” Olivia had always been eloquent, but when faced with Daniel, she would always blush for no reason and be left speechless after a while. When Daniel saw that Olivia’s face was flushed red, there was a hint of satisfaction in his smile. Then he suddenly raised his hand and pulled Olivia onto the bed, pressing her down tightly. Because it was too sudden, Olivia could not react in time. She stared at Daniel with her eyes wide open. It took her a while to realize what the current situation was like. She was actually pinned under him! Embarrassed, Olivia struggled against him, but Daniel held her tightly and pressed her against the bed. He looked at her domineeringly. “Don’t move,” Daniel said. Olivia could feel his hot breath against her ear.
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