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Chapter 71 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Olivia was very skilled, but no matter how good she was, this was still a real world, not a fictional one. She was not so heaven-defying that she could fight against more than ten burly men with her bare hands. Therefore, Olivia did not make a move. Instead, she turned to Liam. “Grandpa, are you really going to attack me?” Liam remained silent. The old man, who had been influential for decades, did not think it was a good idea to use lynching on Olivia. Law regulates the world. Even if they had money, they could not do whatever they wanted. Even if the Taylor family had hundreds of years of wealth accumulation, they still had to act under the rules of the law. Olivia’s identity was very special. Not only was she the Taylor family’s daughter, but she was also a popular new star in the scientific research world. Although the Taylor family was not afraid of Olivia’s retaliation and did not take her seriously, they still cherished their reputation. The Taylor family wanted to establish a good image in public. However, there was more to it.
  • Liam looked at Samuel and Amelia, who had a cold gaze. They would not agree to this matter. They would definitely punish Olivia. It wasn’t that Liam couldn’t subdue Samuel and Amelia, but he felt that it wasn’t worth it to have a grudge against his son for Olivia. More importantly, Amy and Yvonne had called back previously and said that they had already contacted a famous doctor who lived in seclusion and could treat Liam’s increasingly stiff leg. The renowned doctor was called Isaac. His personality was extremely strange. Although the doctor’s medical skills were superb and he had great acupuncture skills, he rarely saved people and almost never performed acupuncture on them. This time, Yvonne spent a lot of effort inviting Isaac to treat Liam. It was said that Ryan’s leg was cured by Isaac. Therefore, Liam had high hopes for Isaac. In return, Liam was willing to make Yvonne feel better. No one liked Olivia. Amelia, Amy, and Yvonne all wanted Olivia to be punished. Then Liam could only sacrifice Olivia. Olivia was unlucky. Her parents didn’t love her, and she was even kidnapped. When she grew up, she provoked Emma and Yvonne. It could only be said that Olivia wasn’t lucky enough, and she deserved it! Thinking of this, Liam sighed and looked at Olivia.
  • “Emma can’t suffer for nothing.” Upon hearing this, Olivia felt as if someone had punched her hard in the heart. It was so painful that she shivered. “What do you mean?” She still couldn’t believe that Liam would do this to her. Liam’s words clearly meant that he tacitly agreed that Samuel would attack Olivia. Olivia turned to William. When she spoke, her voice was dry and bitter. Olivia felt pain in her throat. It was a sharp pain. “Do you think so too?” William turned his face away and avoided Olivia’s gaze. Seeing this, Olivia’s heart sank. Olivia lowered her head and composed herself. When she looked up again, she had completely changed her appearance. Her eyes were filled with arrogance and coldness. Softness and grievances were meant for family. Arrogance and indifference were meant for the enemy! “Tell me, what do you want? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?” Olivia looked up coldly and said it in a cold voice. Emma was shocked by the coldness in Olivia’s words and subconsciously shivered.
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