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Chapter 186 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • The short doctor briefly made the rounds of the wards before returning to his office. He thought that his colleagues had returned long ago, but he realized that there was no one in the office. “What’s going on?” The short doctor sat on the chair and was very puzzled. He thought, “Aren’t they just going over to sign? Why aren’t they back yet? Could it be that they have been forcefully kept by Ben?” Thinking of this, the short doctor chuckled and thought to himself, “It was all thanks to my quick-wittedness that I didn’t go with them! Otherwise, I would be stuck in the meeting room for a boring meeting like Mike and the others.” He took out his phone and was about to play a game when he received a call from Colin. Colin called to ask for information. “I heard that a specialist came to the hospital this afternoon.” The short doctor nodded. “Yes, they went to a meeting. I didn’t go.” “You didn’t go? Why?” Colin frowned. He had called to ask for information. Colin had just called Gillian. Jarron had already arrived in Mala. Moreover, Jarron had contacted a senior brother from Dr. Moss’s team. He believed that he would be able to settle down in Mala soon. Knowing that Colin had already resigned, Gillian did not agree. She was very worried and said that Colin was being too impulsive. What if the hospital hired a very powerful specialist? Wouldn’t he miss the opportunity to learn?
  • Colin sneered when he heard this. “Gillian, don’t worry. No matter how powerful he is, he can’t be as good as Dr. Moss. At most, I’ll take a two-month break. Besides, I think that the hospital would not be able to hire any famous experts. They’re all people who don’t have exquisite medical skills.” In order to reassure Gillian and prove that he was right, Colin called to ask for information, but the short doctor didn’t know. The short doctor understood what Colin meant. Colin was a person who was about to fly overseas soon. He might even be a famous doctor in the future. “Wait a moment. I’ll send a message to ask.” The short doctor’s words were filled with flattery. Colin nodded. “Okay.” In the end, after waiting for ten minutes, there was no news at all. “What’s going on?” Colin frowned and asked on the phone. However, the short-lived doctor seemed to have disappeared. There was no sound at all. Colin snorted and hung up. Colin thought, “If he doesn’t say it, then forget it. The specialist probably isn’t famous. He is too embarrassed to mention it.” Colin sent a message to Gillian. Gillian, I have asked. My previous colleagues didn’t say anything, but it doesn’t look good. [They are too embarrassed to mention it.]
  • Gillian tilted her head and did not speak, but the smile on her face became sweeter and sweeter. She thought, “Olivia, this is only the beginning. The surprising news is still to come.” Speaking of the short doctor, he first sent a message on WhatsApp to the tall doctor, but the other party did not reply. He sent a message to the chubby doctor again, but the other party did not reply. In the end, he sent a message on WhatsApp to Mike. This time, Mike replied. It was only a name, but the short doctor almost went crazy. [Dr. Moss!] The short doctor didn’t even bother with his phone. He grabbed a pen and paper and sprinted upstairs. Unfortunately, he arrived too late. There was a sizable crowd surrounding the conference room's entrance. He could not squeeze in at all. The short doctor was so anxious that he jumped. He casually pushed aside the doctor in front of him and said angrily, “You are a gynecologist; why are you staying here?” The gynecologist was surprised to see him. “Why are you so late? The meeting has been going on. The short man was on the verge of tears. He was very regretful. He wished he could slap himself to death. He thought, “Why am I pretending to be cool? Why couldn’t I have come earlier?
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