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Chapter 68 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Emma did not ask Ethan to leave. Olivia’s gaze swept past Ethan, and Ethan stopped moving. After leaving the room, Emma was at a loss for a moment. After she recovered, Emma felt a dull pain in her heart. It hurt so much. Emma lowered her eyes and covered her chest and mouth. In the room, Olivia was still lying on the bed. For convenience, Olivia usually cut her hair short and wore a simple T-shirt and jeans. She was dressed in a gender-neutral style and rarely had the gentleness of a woman. If not for the beauty Olivia was born with, she would probably be treated as a man. At this moment, Olivia was lying on the bed with her hair scattered on the pillow. Her face was pale, like that of a fair doll. There was a fragile beauty to her. Loading… Ethan only took one look, and his heart ached. He subconsciously asked with concern, “How are you? Are you alright?” “It’s alright.” Olivia smiled at Ethan. When Daniel saw Olivia smiling at others, he felt uncomfortable. Although he knew that she was just being polite, Daniel still felt angry.
  • Did this woman not know her place? She couldn’t even tell right from wrong. Ethan already suspected her just now, but Olivia was still smiling at Ethan! The angry Daniel’s face turned a little dark. He immediately turned cold. He told himself that if Olivia talked to Ethan later, he would ignore her. Daniel decided that if he talked to Olivia, he would wear a dark expression. Just as Daniel was thinking about it, Olivia suddenly turned to look at Daniel. “Daniel, thank you for what you did just now.” “Thank you for trusting me, believing in me, and standing up for me.” Olivia thought. Daniel, who had already made up his mind to ignore Olivia, immediately revealed a big smile. He spoke to Olivia in a gentle voice, “What are you thanking me for? Don’t you think I know what kind of person you are? Rest well and don’t think too much.” Didn’t Daniel make up his mind to be cold to Olivia? Why was he smiling now? After replying, Daniel could not help but curse himself in his heart. It was not good for two men to stay in a girl’s room. Daniel turned to Ethan and said calmly, “Let’s go out first and let Olivia rest for a while.” Ethan nodded in agreement. The two of them went out together. In the corridor, in front of Ethan, Daniel pretended to be worried.
  • “I’ll go take a look at Andrew. It’s easy for him to catch a cold after falling into the water. It’s best to let him sleep and sweat. It’s the same for Olivia. Let’s not disturb her and let her rest. We’ll wake her up at dinner.” Ethan agreed. He did not expect Daniel to be such a considerate person. From the outside, Ethan thought that Daniel was a cold and indifferent person. To Ethan’s surprise, Daniel was a careful man. It was probably because Daniel had become a father. “Alright, Mr. Sullivan, you are right.” Ethan nodded and returned to his room. Daniel did not move. Instead, he stood in the corridor and watched Ethan leave. After Daniel pushed open the door and entered Andrew’s room, he immediately walked back to Olivia’s room. Olivia was lying on her side on the bed. Just as she reached out to touch the bruises on her back, she saw Daniel. Her eyes widened in surprise. “Why are you back?” “You don’t welcome me?” Daniel raised his eyebrows and asked leisurely. How could that be? Olivia smiled and explained, “I’m just curious. How did you get in?” The hotel door could not be opened from the outside without a room card. “Oh.” Daniel raised the corners of his eyes.
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