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Chapter 81 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • At this moment, there was a sudden commotion downstairs. Yvonne casually wrapped the necklace around her wrist and walked downstairs. As soon as she arrived at the living room, she saw a hale and hearty old man sitting in the living room. It was Isaac. Yvonne was shocked. Then, she smiled warmly and greeted him. “Isaac, you’re here?” The old man nodded at Yvonne with a gentle expression. Isaac was a distinguished guest. Everyone came to greet him. Liam leaned on his walking stick and urged his assistant to help him downstairs. As soon as he arrived in the living room, Liam went forward excitedly. “Isaac, you’re finally here.” Isaac smiled at Liam, and the two of them exchanged pleasantries. Isaac said, “I came early. I hope that I won’t disturb you guys.” Upon hearing this, Samuel shook his head. “How can you say that? Your arrival brings light to the Taylor family’s humble dwelling. How can you say that you’re disturbing us?” Isaac smiled. He did not humble himself, but he did not follow Samuel’s enthusiasm either. He had seen many peculiar people.
  • Whether it was a noble family or a beggar in dire straits, he treated them equally. In his eyes, there was no etiquette between high and low. He would treat them equally, as long as they saw a doctor. He was neither servile nor overbearing, and he had strength of character. distition they co The Taylor family's impression of Isaac's grace only took a short while to develop. They thought he was worthy to be from a hidden family pared down for hundreds of years, and he had the air of ancient scholars.” Isaac had planned to come the day after tomorrow but arrived today in advance. He explained to everyone, “I arrived yesterday afternoon. I originally wanted to visit my granddaughter, but unfortunately, I couldn’t contact her. She didn’t answer my call, and I couldn’t find her at school. Anyway, I have nothing to do. Instead of delaying for two days, I came early. Mhung Liam said, “You’re always welcome here.” Yvonne sat next to Isaac with a gentle and obedient expression. She was very curious about the granddaughter Isaac was talking about. “Why can’t you contact her?
  • Do you need my help? Did something happen?” Thinking of his granddaughter. Isaac frowned and sighed. “I’m afraid she’s still angry with me. Let’s not talk about her. She’s very safe. Nothing will happen to her.” “Angry?” Yvonne widened her eyes in surprise. “Oh my god! One must be happy to have such a good grandfather like you. How could she dare to be angry with you? She’s too insensible. She doesn’t know how lucky she is. If I were her, I would always stay by your side.” Hearing this, Isaac laughed and said, “Don’t say that. It’s all my fault. I’m too impatient, which hurts her heart. She’s a good kid.” He was trying to defend his granddaughter. Seeing this, Yvonne no longer said that his granddaughter was insensible. She quickly changed her tone and began to praise his granddaughter. This time, the smile on Isaac’s face was much more sincere. He couldn’t help but nod and say, “She’s very clever. She’s just naughty and has a bad temper.” His tone was filled with love for his granddaughter. When he mentioned. his granddaughter, his eyes sparkled.
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