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Chapter 25 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • David shouted inside, “Damn it! How dare she hit me?” David immediately wanted to fight back, but strangely, he suddenly became weak. His fist went limp, as if he had lost all his strength. David did not notice it until his fist landed on Olivia’s shoulder. Olivia was safe and sound. On the contrary, David took a few steps back. Then he finally realized something was wrong. David thought, “What’s going on?” David lowered his head to look at his fist, wondering, “That’s odd. Why did I suddenly lose my strength?” He punched the wall back with his hand to see if what he felt was right. Then he screamed in pain. “How can this be?” David was shocked and looked at Olivia in disbelief.
  • Olivia suddenly raised her hand and poked a silver needle shining under the light from the back of David’s neck, saying, “I rarely do this.” Olivia sounded like David should feel honored for this. After that, Olivia wiped something on her arms. After that, she applied it to her cheeks and neck. Within three seconds, those places had turned blue and purple. Olivia looked badly injured, as if someone had punched her hard. Then, Olivia pushed down chairs and tables around her to create a mess. In the end, Olivia walked to the door and put her hand on the doorknob. Before she opened the door, she turned around to give David a sideways glance. It had a plain look. However, it made David feel like he could not move his legs and was firmly nailed in place. Olivia asked lightly, “Do you know the feeling without your strong fists and power?" David got chills when hearing that.
  • He looked at Olivia strangely, as if Olivia were a demon. He thought, “What did she do to me? Why did my strength disappear?" What exactly had happened?” Olivia repeated, “I’m asking you a question.” Her voice was low and pleasant. However, that made David tremble more severely. He shook his head in panic and replied, “I don’t know. I don’t know.” Olivia smiled and said, “It’s okay. You will find out soon.” After that, Olivia opened the door. People surrounded the door. There were Liam, William, Samuel, and Amelia. Some servants were looking over in the distance. A loud clanging and banging came from the room. Emma was scared that something would happen. Thus, she hurriedly went to Amelia. Soon, the others arrived, one after another. At this time, they were planning to break in. A strong chef was ready to throw himself at the door. He lifted his pants and took a few steps back, gathering his strength. However, the door opened at that time. In front of everyone were Olivia, with blue and purple bruises, and David, whose eyes were filled with anger.
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