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Chapter 167 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Lindy wasn’t faring any better. Her voice took on a dreamy quality as she exclaimed. “To be able to care for Mr. Book’s health, one must have the skill level of a true miracle doctor, right?” As she spoke, her eyes suddenly sparkled, and she raised her voice, commanding, “The butler, where is the butler? Quickly gather everyone here.” From this very moment on, Olivia became the most esteemed guest in the Patterson family. Everyone had to prioritize her, and there couldn’t be even the slightest hint of negligence. Lindy’s swift actions spoke volumes. In the blink of an eye, everyone in the Patterson family realized that Olivia was an esteemed guest not to be taken lightly. A kitchen was even set aside exclusively for Olivia. Chefs and a few kitchen hands were dispatched to assist. Olivia’s accommodation was upgraded from a regular guest room to a small standalone building with a garden. A group of servants was also reassigned specifically to attend to her. The rooms underwent a complete transformation.
  • The bed linens were replaced with luxurious silk, and the simple decorations were swapped out for unique pieces. They even managed to find an artwork by a famous painter that once sold for a staggering 60 million dollars. Gabriel had been leisurely observing his wife as she busied herself with giving various instructions. But then he caught sight of that exquisite painting. His eyes widened, and he dared not speak too loudly for fear of startling her and causing her to accidentally scratch the painting. “What are you doing? Why have you brought this out?” It’s the centerpiece of his collection, and he was reluctant to even touch it. He was really nervous. Lindy glanced at him and chuckled. “Once Ms. Olivia has successfully treated Anthony’s ailment, we’ll present the painting as a gift to her.” Gabriel was nearly heartbroken. “You could’ve given money or our company stocks. Why did you choose this?” This painting was his most prized possession. It was something that couldn’t be bought with mere money. Lindy’s tone remained firm.
  • “This is the only way we can express our sincerity.” As Gabriel gazed at the painting, there was a fleeting moment when he didn’t want Olivia to cure his son. Olivia stayed at the Patterson residence for five days. The visible improvement in Anthony’s health was so rapid that it even made Lindy look askance. She spent nearly the entire day doting on her son, frequently asking, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?” She worried whether such a swift recovery might have any side effects. She dearly wished to take her son to the hospital for a checkup, but she hesitated, fearing that it might upset Olivia. This had already happened before. If it happened again, no matter how good Olivia’s temper was, she would be angry. Lindy didn’t dare take the risk. “No.” Anthony shook his head, then jumped a few times in the air. This was his first experience of feeling as light as a feather. He finally realized that his body could actually be so agile. For the past 18 years, every moment of every day, he has carried a heavy burden. After taking a few steps, he gasped heavily as if his back were weighing a thousand pounds. Anthony was jumping, running, and occasionally pinching his own arms and legs out of curiosity.
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