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Chapter 122 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Elaine felt her hands and feet were cold as if her entire body was soaked in cold water. By the time Mary and Lola realized that something was wrong with Elaine, Elaine had already passed through the crowd and stood in front of Isabella. Lola and Mary’s hearts skipped a beat when they saw this. They quickly went forward and held Elaine’s hand, wanting to pull her back. They thought, “Don’t be rash. You can’t make a fool of yourself on such an occasion! “If anything happened, we could settle it in private. Olivia is just a woman who has no power or money. Even the Taylor family does not care about her. There are plenty of ways to deal with her.” As if sensing their worry, Elaine turned to smile at the two of them, indicating that she was fine. Elaine was not an impulsive person and would not do anything that she was not confident in. Seeing this, Lola and Mary heaved a sigh of relief. Among the few of them, Elaine was the least talkative, but she was the most confident when. she did what she wanted. “Daniel’s girlfriend?”
  • Elaine widened her eyes and looked at Olivia in shock. “Aren’t you Ryan’s girlfriend?” As soon as she finished speaking, Isabella frowned. Aunt Lilian stepped forward nervously and could not help but want to pull Elaine back. She said in a low voice, “What nonsense are you talking about? Ms. Taylor is Daniel’s girlfriend. What has she got to do with Ryan?” Elaine looked aggrieved and confused. “I’m not spouting nonsense. I clearly saw Olivia sitting in Ryan’s car.” Mary and Lola looked at each other and immediately understood Elaine’s plan. Elaine wanted to ruin Olivia’s reputation. Olivia had a problem with her background to begin with. Relying on her looks and Daniel’s love, she reluctantly gained recognition from Isabella. If it was revealed that Olivia loved others at this time, Isabella would definitely be furious. Lola reacted quickly and immediately walked to Elaine. She hugged her arm and nodded heavily. She said, “I saw it too. I heard that Olivia’s assistant was all hired by Ryan.” “This is too much!” Aunt Lilian was furious. If not for her manners, she would have thrown her cup to the ground.
  • Harper also ran to Aunt Lilian and said, “That’s right, that’s too much!” Lola and Elaine looked at each other and thought to themselves, “Here comes a good show.” In their imagination, Olivia would definitely be chased out! Harper was like a powder. Her temper was very bad. She did not care about the occasion. As long as she was unhappy, she would immediately retort. Today, Olivia was destined to make a fool of herself! They just didn’t know if Olivia was going to be cursed or beaten. Elaine’s eyes followed Harper closely. She did not want to miss a single detail. Elaine had been holding her anger all the time at the banquet today. Now, she could finally have a good time. As expected, Harper did not disappoint Elaine. Although she did not smash the cup, she threw a snack away. She was so angry that her eyes turned red. “This is too much, too much!” She stomped her foot hard on the ground. Seeing her action, Elaine looked happy. Harper’s wrist began to tremble with anger. She said hatefully, “Ryan is too much! How dare you!”
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