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Chapter 75 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • After Lynn came out of Olivia’s room, she didn’t call Yvonne immediately. Instead, she went to Amelia’s room to report. “Madam.” In front of Amelia, Lynn was not as happy as she was. After all, Olivia was Amelia’s biological daughter. Amelia could punish and humiliate Olivia herself, but the servants could not. Lynn said respectfully, “Madam, Miss Olivia said that she wanted to go to the restroom, but I rejected her.” “Well done.” Amelia’s expression was indifferent. “Keep a close eye on her later. Get a few people to bring cameras in and film her.” Emma was also in the room. She already knew what Amelia planned to do. As a matter of fact, Emma was very happy that Amelia would go this far for her. But Emma was also worried it would be too much. Emma bit her lower lip. When Amelia saw Emma’s worried expression, she sighed in her heart and patted Emma’s hand. “My good Emma, you are too kind. It’s just because of your gentleness and kindness that others bully you. Alright. You don’t have to worry about it. Leave it to me.
  • Go back to your room and have some rest.” Emma obediently returned to her room. The more she thought about it, the more worried she became. Emma could not help but call Evelyn. Everyone in the Taylor family saw Olivia as a weak person who was easy to bully. Only Emma knew how terrifying Olivia could be. Emma instinctively felt Amelia’s plan was unreliable. Emma was not worried about Olivia. Emma was afraid that she would be implicated if the matter blew up. When it came to Olivia, Emma became more and more indecisive. Evelyn received a call from Emma. After hearing about Amelia’s plan, she laughed so hard that she almost fell to the ground. “Hahaha, this is a good idea. Humiliating her own daughter. I’m impressed that she could think of such a way.” Evelyn was overjoyed. Unlike Emma, who loved Amelia, Evelyn hated Amelia very much. “Mom.” Emma was unhappy. “Let’s get down to business. Olivia Taylor is not easy to deal with. I’m afraid…” “What are you afraid of?” Evelyn interrupted Emma. “Don’t get involved in this matter.
  • Let Amelia deal with Olivia. The more vicious the method, the better. It’s best if they don’t get along.” “But…” Emma frowned. “If my identity is exposed, Amelia will definitely...” “So what?” A vicious look flashed in Evelyn’s eyes. “The more ruthless Amelia is now, the more her heart will ache in the end. By that time, Olivia will not forgive her even more.” Speaking of this, Evelyn could not help but laugh again. Evelyn wanted nothing more than to tell Amelia that the daughter she had raised for 18 years and doted on the most was her husband’s illegitimate daughter! After Lynn reported to Amelia, Lynn was about to go back and call Yvonne. At this time, Yvonne showed up at the Taylor family house. Why did Yvonne suddenly return to the country? Everyone was surprised. Liam hurriedly went downstairs to welcome her. Yvonne was wearing simple and elegant clothes. The accessories she wore were also simple, but she looked like a young lady from a wealthy family. Every move she made was gentle and moving, with proper intimacy.
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