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Chapter 149 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • After Jarren left, Blake had no appetite. She only had a few mouthfuls before putting down her spoon. Olivia, on the other hand, had her appetite roused. Olivia had two bowls of soup, almost as if she were making up for the food she hadn’t eaten the past few days. Olivia’s face was no longer sad and dispirited. Instead, Olivia seemed full of vigor. Blake was dumbfounded. After a long while, Blake said slowly, “Olivia, you...” Olivia put down her spoon and suddenly smiled at Blake. Her smile felt like the breath of the first spring, emerging out of a cold winter. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’ve just had some clarity.” For this period, Olivia had stayed in Layfield. On the one hand, she wanted to accompany Isaac. On the other hand, she wanted to wait for Jarron. Olivia wanted to wait for Jarron to come back and talk with him and Gillian to clear up all the misunderstandings. All along, Olivia had been upset about this. Olivia was filled with grievances, and she had sealed herself away. This was also why she had not returned to Layfield for the past few years. Gillian said that she hated Olivia, that Isaac was biased, and that Olivia was selfish and only cared about herself.
  • The young Olivia had taken it to heart and felt wronged because she was misunderstood. In a fit of anger, Olivia refused to return home and see Gillian. Olivia did not understand why Gillian had ignored everything that Olivia had done for her and instead focused on vague and nonexistent matters. To ensure Gillian had enough nourishment, Olivia pondered over medicinal cuisine and personally tested the medicine, almost destroying her stomach. Gillian was blind to all of these. Gillian only saw Isaac helping Olivia with the medication preparation and suspected that Isaac had given Olivia the Smith family’s prescription for Olivia to adapt to medical cuisine. Olivia knew that Gillian liked playing the violin, but the violin teacher was unwilling to take her in as a student. As such, Olivia taught Gillian everything she learned every day. Every time Olivia had a new insight or learned something new, she would share it with Gillian immediately. The funny thing was that Gillian could not see Olivia’s sincerity. Instead, Gillian thought that Olivia was showing off. There were too many things that turned into misunderstandings like that. The young Olivia felt that she was really wronged and was so upset that she distanced herself in a fit of anger.
  • However, Olivia constantly hoped that Gillian would come to her senses and that Gillian would regret her actions and feel guilty toward Olivia. Olivia had always had this thought until today. She wanted to wait for Jarron to come back so that the three of them could sit together and talk things out. However, now Olivia doesn’t think it is important anymore. In this world, the only person Olivia could control was herself. She couldn’t control what Gillian and Jarron thought of her. Olivia only needed to be herself and have a clear conscience. As for everything else, there was no need to think more about it. After thinking it through, Olivia started to have an appetite and began to enjoy food. Olivia even pinched Andrew’s chubby little face playfully. Andrew was not angry when his face was pinched. Instead, he leaned the other half of his face toward Olivia and said softly, “Squeeze this side. This side is also very easy to pinch.” Olivia was speechless. Olivia felt like her heart was about to melt. “How could there be such an adorable child in this world? I love him so much!” Olivia thought. After sorting out her emotions, Olivia no longer immersed herself in her feelings towards Isaac’s illness or Gillian’s misunderstandings toward her. Now, Olivia had other things to take care of.
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